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Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Achievements

Full list of Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Might of the Abyss Might of the Abyss 0 Deal over 5000 damage to a single target in one hit. 90
End Game End Game 0 Reach level 50 with at least one character. 90
Support Expert Support Expert 0 Have 8 buffs active at once on an ally. 30
Disabler Disabler 0 Have 8 debuffs active at once on an enemy. 30
Team Zissou Team Zissou 0 Dive for fish or loot 30 times. 30
Herbalist Herbalist 0 Harvest 100 gathering nodes. 30
Savior of Aloria Savior of Aloria 0 Break the stone curse. 10
Vampire Slayer Vampire Slayer 0 Defeat a vampire in battle. 10
Unlock ALL the Teleports! Unlock ALL the Teleports! 0 Unlock every teleport crystal. 30
Skillful Skillful 0 Upgrade and augment every skill. 90
Antiquities Collector Antiquities Collector 0 Collect every relic. 90
Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth 0 Upgrade every item to tier 4. 90
The Joy of Enchanting The Joy of Enchanting 0 Collect every enchantment recipe. 90
Brimming With Magic Brimming With Magic 0 Fill all 16 enchantment slots. 30
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Complete every bounty quest. 70
Lore Seeker Lore Seeker 0 Complete every side quest. 80
Specialist Specialist 0 Unlock a specialization class for every character. 20
Master Tactician Master Tactician 0 Win every battle on Expert difficulty. 90