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KungFu Kickball Achievements

Full list of KungFu Kickball achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

KungFu Kickball has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Extreme Juggling Extreme Juggling 0 Demonstrated your juggling skills 15
White Belt White Belt 0 Beat the Arcade Mode on Apprentice level 15
Green Belt Green Belt 0 Beat the Arcade Mode on Teacher level 30
Purple Belt Purple Belt 0 Beat the Arcade Mode on Master level 90
Buzzer Beater Buzzer Beater 0 Score a goal at the buzzer 30
Precision shooter Precision shooter 0 Hit all the targets in one of the training levels 90
Gracious Host Gracious Host 0 Host a game for friends 30
Ready For Action Ready For Action 0 Complete a training session 10
World Traveler World Traveler 0 Play in every arena 30
Flame On! Flame On! 0 Score a bunch of goals in a row 30
Testing The Waters Testing The Waters 0 Play a Quick Match game 15
In The Groove In The Groove 0 Play 10 games online 30
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Play a Quick Match game with a buddy 15
Back For More Back For More 0 Play 25 games online 30
It's Pretty Free It's Pretty Free 0 Beat your opponent without letting them score any points. 90
KungFu Master KungFu Master 0 Score 10 points in a match. 90

Secret Achievements

Clown College Graduate Clown College Graduate 0 Demonstrated a new level of juggling 30
Black Belt Black Belt 0 Beat the Arcade Mode on Grand Master level 90
Headshot Headshot 0 Score a goal with your head 30
Spongey Spongey 0 Earned the Headbouncer announcement. 15
Comeback Kid Comeback Kid 0 Make a comeback from a three point lead and win the match. 30
Teamo Extremo Teamo Extremo 0 Get a team knockout 30
Earth Shaker Earth Shaker 0 Bring down the stalactites in the Cavern map. 15
No Time to Waste No Time to Waste 0 Score a point in the first 5 seconds of a match. 15
Misfire Misfire 0 Accidentally scored an own goal. 15
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 Take down two Grand Masters alone 90