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Pumpkin Jack Achievements

Full list of Pumpkin Jack achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pumpkin Jack has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Brand new body Brand new body 0 Finish the tutorial 10
Skull breaker Skull breaker 0 Send a monster back to the grave 10
Shovel face Shovel face 0 Equip the Legendary Holy Glory Shovel 10
Prying eyes Prying eyes 0 Pick up a crow skull 10
Skull Finder Skull Finder 0 Collect all crow skulls in the fields 40
Fashion Victim Fashion Victim 0 Buy a new outfit! 20
Crash Boo-ndicoot Crash Boo-ndicoot 0 Smash all the crates in the fields 20
Curse of the Scarecrow Curse of the Scarecrow 0 Kill the tyrannical Scarecrow and liberate the crows 20
License to Drive License to Drive 0 Pass your abandoned minecart driving test 15
Boogie-Man Wonderland Boogie-Man Wonderland 0 Find a gramophone and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE! 25
Bomberman Bomberman 0 Complete all the underground bomb-bouncing courses 20
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster 0 Kill the Phantom guarding the ancient mines 20
Skull Hobbyist Skull Hobbyist 0 Find all crow skulls in the ancient mines 40
Ghost Rider Ghost Rider 0 Ride the ghost horse all the way to the end 15
De-Composer De-Composer 0 Make some magic mushroom music! 20
Cruel Tea Cruel Tea 0 Ruin the Witch and Merchant's cruelty-free dinner 20
Skull Collector Skull Collector 0 Collect all crow skulls in the swamp 40
Formula Ugh Formula Ugh 0 Beat the gate guards to the gate they guard on guard carts 15
Whack-a-Mole Whack-a-Mole 0 Win the game of Conveniently-Placed Hydraulic-Operated Underground Whack-a-Mole (patent pending) 20
The Bigger They Are... The Bigger They Are... 0 Be the David to Dhor's Goliath (i.e. kill the big guy) 20
Skull Aficionado Skull Aficionado 0 Collect all crow skulls in Skeletown 40
High Flyer High Flyer 0 Go for a nice walk with Abelard the Gargoyle 15
Ain't no rest for the wicked Ain't no rest for the wicked 0 Clear away all those headstones cluttering up the graveyard 20
Hunger Killer Hunger Killer 0 Solve world hunger (by killing Gluttony) 20
Skull Fanatic Skull Fanatic 0 Collect all crow skulls in the graveyard 40
You'll Float, Too You'll Float, Too 0 Reach the end of the vortex like a paper boat down a drain 15
The Worst Achievement Possible The Worst Achievement Possible 0 Get on Santa's Super-Duper-Duper-Naughty List 20
Skull Obsessive Skull Obsessive 0 Collect all crow skulls in the North 40
The Baddest Bad Guy The Baddest Bad Guy 0 Kill the Wizard + Get the Amulet = Profit 20
Full Closet Full Closet 0 Fill out your wardrobe 80
Disk Jockey Disk Jockey 0 Make vinyls cool again. ...Actually, that's impossible, even as a joke. Just find all the gramophone 80
You've Got A Problem, Man You've Got A Problem, Man 0 Collect every single crow skull in the world 100
Official Groupie Official Groupie 0 Give in to your inner completionist 100