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EVERSPACE - Encounters Achievements

Full list of EVERSPACE - Encounters achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

EVERSPACE - Encounters has 8 achievements worth 500 gamerscore

Quid Pro Quo Quid Pro Quo 0 Complete all tasks for Tareen. 50
Weird Science Weird Science 0 Complete all tasks for Throng. 50
Nobody Expects The Coalition Nobody Expects The Coalition 0 Help the Coalition become a force to be reckoned with. 75
And That's That And That's That 0 Decide Karlie's Fate. 75
Tuned To The Max Tuned To The Max 0 Max out all perks for the Colonial Sentinel. 100
Gooey Mess Gooey Mess 0 Feed a Green Goo until it bursts. 50
Painbringer Painbringer 0 Install a primary other than the Ancient Weapon that does more than 200 shield or hull dps. 50

Secret Achievements

Vigorous And Versatile Vigorous And Versatile 0 Use the Colonial Sentinel 15 times. 50

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