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The Persistence Achievements

Full list of The Persistence achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Persistence has 43 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Let's do this Let's do this 0 Enter Research Deck after the tutorial 5
Plot the jump vectors Plot the jump vectors 0 Plot the jump vectors home on Research Deck 10
Mutant Madness Mutant Madness 0 Refuel the Stardrive 10
Repair the Sensors Repair the Sensors 0 Repair the Sensors on Communications Deck 10
A fallen hero A fallen hero 0 Find the Captain's body on Engineering Deck 20
Going home! Going home! 0 Complete the game on any difficulty 50
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Open 25 treasure chests 20
First of Many First of Many 0 Make any schematic 5
Epic! Epic! 0 Make an epic schematic 20
Everything is Awesome! Everything is Awesome! 0 Make an Epic of each suit, teleporter, shield, harvester and supersense 70
Payback Time Payback Time 0 Unlock a weapon 5
Full Arsenal Full Arsenal 0 Unlock all weapons 30
Lock and Load Lock and Load 0 Upgrade a weapon 5
As Good as it Gets As Good as it Gets 0 Get any weapon to Max level 30
Feeling Good Feeling Good 0 Upgrade any DNA stat 5
Feeling Great Feeling Great 0 Upgrade each DNA stat at least once 10
Feeling Unstoppable Feeling Unstoppable 0 Get all DNA stats to max 70
Samurai Samurai 0 Kill 100 enemies by harvesting their stemcells 40
Six Shooter Six Shooter 0 Shoot and kill 6 enemies in a row, with just 6 bullets 20
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter 0 10 headshots in a row 20
A Bundle of Limbs A Bundle of Limbs 0 Kill 3 enemies with the same gravity bomb 15
Thanks, Guys! Thanks, Guys! 0 Kill 5 enemies with the same Swarm Droid 15
That’s Gotta Hurt That’s Gotta Hurt 0 Smash an enemy to death with the Gravimetric Hook 10
Abrakebabra! Abrakebabra! 0 Pin two enemies with the same Valkyrie bolt 15
Stealth is for Wimps Stealth is for Wimps 0 Melee kill a Berserker with the Stem Cell Harvester 20
Who’s a Good Boy! Who’s a Good Boy! 0 Have a single Ivy Serum buddy kill 5 enemies 10
Shields Up! Shields Up! 0 Power up any Debris Defence Shield machine 10
Shields at Maximum Shields at Maximum 0 Power up all the Debris Defence Shield machines 30
Fully Fortified Fully Fortified 0 Use all 4 Debris Defence Shield machines on the same life 70
A Lost Friend A Lost Friend 0 Find a crew member artefact 10
A Lost Family A Lost Family 0 Find all 6 crew member artefacts 30
Not Feeling Myself… Not Feeling Myself… 0 Print a clone of any other crew member 10
All the Crew All the Crew 0 Print a clone of all 7 crew members 30
Full House Full House 0 Kill one of each type of enemy 20
The Ship is Your Friend The Ship is Your Friend 0 Use the environment to kill 10 enemies 20
Big Bad Buddy Big Bad Buddy 0 Rage Berserkers to kill 10 enemies 10
Thank You! Thank You! 0 Get a weeper to kill another mutant (without using Ivy Serum) 10
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Wrong Place, Wrong Time 0 Kill any enemy with a hidden Siren Grenade 10
Keep Your Distance, Buddy Keep Your Distance, Buddy 0 Use your shield 10 times against the same enemy 10
Boom! Boom! 0 Get fireballs to kill a total of 10 mutants 20
Teleport Technician Teleport Technician 0 Visit Research and then Stardrive decks on any one life, without walking 30
Nah, I’m Good. Nah, I’m Good. 0 Visit all 4 Decks on any 1 life, without collecting anything or making a weapon 40

Secret Achievements

Super Happy Ending Super Happy Ending 0 Save both Serena and Zimri 100