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Totally Reliable Delivery Service Achievements

Full list of Totally Reliable Delivery Service achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service has 27 achievements worth 1030 gamerscore

First Day on the Job First Day on the Job 0 Complete first delivery 15
Novice Driver Novice Driver 0 Complete 10 different deliveries 15
Expert Driver Expert Driver 0 Complete 50 different deliveries 30
Veteran Driver Veteran Driver 0 Complete 100 different deliveries 40
Wardrobe Makeover Wardrobe Makeover 0 Change your clothes 15
Freefall Freefall 0 Remain airborne for 10 seconds 30
tinyBuild tinyBuild 0 Find the tiny island 15
It's for Science It's for Science 0 Visit Gasa Research Facility 15
Keister Keister 0 Visit Keister Island 15
Vacation Time Vacation Time 0 Visit Happy Clam Resort 15
A New Car! A New Car! 0 Unlock the mule 15
Another New Car! Another New Car! 0 Unlock the buggy 15
Yet Another New Car! Yet Another New Car! 0 Unlock the pickup truck 15
It's a Flying Car! It's a Flying Car! 0 Unlock the helicopter 15
This is getting Dangerous This is getting Dangerous 0 Unlock the rocket booster 15
Crop Duster Crop Duster 0 Pass gas in a biplane 15

Secret Achievements

Pirate's Booty Pirate's Booty 0 Put treasure chest on sloop 30
Macho Libre Macho Libre 0 Bring the luchador mask to wrestling ring 90
Conch Climber Conch Climber 0 Bring the conch shell to top of mountain 90
Sat-o-lite Sat-o-lite 0 Return the satellite to GASA 90
Monkey Motel Monkey Motel 0 Bring banana to room 5 at Banana Motel 90
Welcome Home Welcome Home 0 Bring grill to Dad Statue in Golden Ruins. 90
Go Sports! Go Sports! 0 Bring foam hand to Booster Club Arena 90
Tornad-Oh! Tornad-Oh! 0 Lose pants in tornado at Happy Clam Resort 90
All Work No Play All Work No Play 0 Complete all other achievements 45

Secret Achievements

Big Secret Bear Big Secret Bear 0 Find the big secret bear. 15

Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Totally Delivered

There are 1 achievements with a total of 15 points.

Too Powerful! Too Powerful! 0 Have 5 power-ups equipped at the same time. 15