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Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition Achievements

Find all the Deep Sky Derelicts: Definitive Edition achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First of Many First of Many 0 Find one piece of location data. 10
Glorious Monuments Glorious Monuments 0 Unlock the second tier of derelicts. 20
Majestic Monoliths Majestic Monoliths 0 Unlock the third tier of derelicts. 30
Let's Try an Intern Let's Try an Intern 0 Hire a mercenary. 10
Never Too Versatile Never Too Versatile 0 Pick a specialization for a character. 10
Scavenger Elite Scavenger Elite 0 Get a character to level 10. 40
Rust in Peace Rust in Peace 0 Lose a character in combat. 5
Fresh Loot Fresh Loot 0 Lose an entire party in combat. 10
Oxygen Not Included Oxygen Not Included 0 Lose an entire party due to energy depletion. 10
Errand Boy Errand Boy 0 Complete a contract. 15
Professional Pride Professional Pride 0 Go to a derelict with three characters of the same class. 5
Danger Zone Danger Zone 0 Enter a derelict two levels higher than your highest ranked character. 10
Executive and Greedy Executive and Greedy 0 Complete all side missions on a single playthrough. 100
Shiny! Shiny! 0 Find and equip an Illustrious piece of gear. 20
Tenacity Tenacity 0 Win a fight with only one character remaining. 20
This Ship Is Too Small for Both of Us This Ship Is Too Small for Both of Us 0 Vanquish a rival scavenger group. 10
Smooth Talker Smooth Talker 0 Get friendly with a rival scavenger group. 5
Trench Warfare Trench Warfare 0 Have a combat encounter that lasts for 50 rounds. 25
The Real Pain The Real Pain 0 Spend a total of 5000 credits on medical costs. 20
No Time Wasted No Time Wasted 0 Win a combat encounter in one round. 15
Flawless Victory Flawless Victory 0 Win a combat encounter without sustaining any damage. 15
True Scavenger True Scavenger 0 Beat the game on Hardcore. 100
Uncontrollables Uncontrollables 0 Go to a derelict with three aggressive characters. 5
Da Blast! Da Blast! 0 Deal over 100 points of damage with a single attack. 25
Close Call Close Call 0 Successfully return to the station after running out of energy. 15
Overskilled Overskilled 0 Raise a character's skill to 200. 30
Animate Animate 0 Revive a fallen character. 15
Boffin Boffin 0 Build all research impovements at the station. 40
Impenetrable Impenetrable 0 Have over 200 shield points on a character in combat 30
Try'em All Try'em All 0 Advance at least one character of each base class to level 2 20
Arena Champion Arena Champion 0 Beat Arena mode 100
Houdini Houdini 0 Make a character play 4 or more cards on a single round 15

Secret Achievements

Welcome, Citizen! Welcome, Citizen! 0 Enter the Mirror World. 100
Not Like This Not Like This 0 Visit the Mirror Worlds the bad way. 15
You Made It! You Made It! 0 Reach the Mothership. 30
Game Over! Game Over! 0 Lose an entire party in Hardcore mode. 15
No Step Back No Step Back 0 Complete the game without ever retreating from combat 40