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Assetto Corsa Competizione Achievements

Full list of Assetto Corsa Competizione achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Assetto Corsa Competizione has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

150km/h 150km/h 0 Gone 150km/h 10
Go Fast! Go Fast! 0 Gone 280km/h 10
Go Far! Go Far! 0 Travelled 1000km in total 10
Tireless Tireless 0 Drove more than 100km in one session 10
Smooth Flow Smooth Flow 0 Stayed in an opponent's slipstream for 5 seconds 30
Got the feeling Got the feeling 0 Completed 5 clean laps in a row without cutting corners, losing control, or going too slow 20
One with the car One with the car 0 Completed 10 clean laps in a row without cutting corners, losing control, or going too slow 40
Veteran Veteran 0 Completed a Championship 30
Driver For Hire Driver For Hire 0 Completed the Career mode 30
Sim Practice Sim Practice 0 Completed 10 laps in Practice mode with no assists 30
10 Laps in hotlap mode 10 Laps in hotlap mode 0 Completed 10 valid laps in Hotlap mode 20
Variety is the spice of life Variety is the spice of life 0 Tried every car and every track 20
Master of all Master of all 0 Won a race with every car 40
Night Shift Night Shift 0 Took part in a night race 10
Better with friends Better with friends 0 Took part in a multiplayer race 10
Lap the field Lap the field 0 Lapped every opponent at least once within a single race 30
Got the basics Got the basics 0 Earned a track medal 10
Against all odds Against all odds 0 Won a race from the back of the grid 40
Leader of the pack Leader of the pack 0 Stayed in first place for the entire race 30
Trip to Belgium Trip to Belgium 0 Driven your first lap at Spa 10
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Completed a lap at Spa in under 2:25 20
Special Special 0 Got on a special event leaderboard 30
On a budget On a budget 0 Completed a race without damages 40
Real Racer Real Racer 0 Earned pole position in a race 10
Holy Trifecta Holy Trifecta 0 Got pole, fastest lap, and race win in the same race 30
Sprint Sprint 0 Completed a Short Career achieving a gold cup 10
Tour Tour 0 Completed a Medium Career achieving a gold cup 30
Marathon Marathon 0 Completed a Long Career achieving a gold cup 50
Champion Champion 0 Won a Championship 30
Dialled-in Dialled-in 0 Earned all medals for a single track 30
The knowledge The knowledge 0 Earned all track medals for all tracks 30
In the club In the club 0 Achieved Bronze driver category 10
A step up the ladder A step up the ladder 0 Achieved Silver driver category 20
Gold standard Gold standard 0 Achieved Gold driver category 30
Best of the best Best of the best 0 Achieved Platinum driver category 50

Secret Achievements

Endurance Endurance 0 Drove for two hours in a session 10
First Penalty First Penalty 0 Received your first penalty 10
Destruction Derby Destruction Derby 0 Totally destroyed your car 10
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage 0 You broke your cars engine 10
Top 1% Top 1% 0 Achieved a session Consistency Rating of 99 100