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Ever Forward Achievements

Full list of Ever Forward achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ever Forward has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Queen of the Swings Queen of the Swings 0 It's good to be queen? 45
Once the Greatest of Concerns Once the Greatest of Concerns 0 It’s all relative. 45
Adieu, My Little Tree! Adieu, My Little Tree! 0 We hardly knew ye. 45
Change the Channel! Change the Channel! 0 How come nothing good is on? 45
This is How it Begins This is How it Begins 0 Not with a whimper, but with a “Eureka!” 45
A New Tree A New Tree 0 Collected your first leaf 45
Lobel Prize! Lobel Prize! 0 Bah! It should be Nobel! 45
Heard it All Before Heard it All Before 0 Say something once, why say it again? 45
Shut down, Roundybot Shut down, Roundybot 0 45
Sh! This Mission is Secret! Sh! This Mission is Secret! 0 ...It's not just a toy! 45
This Mission is... Failed This Mission is... Failed 0 ...It is just a toy... 45
The Sound of Hope The Sound of Hope 0 Heard a heartbeat 45
If There's a Will... If There's a Will... 0 Only 2.3km to go... 45
All is Lost All is Lost 0 Faced a cold and uncaring iron door 45
My CPU is a Neural-net Processor My CPU is a Neural-net Processor 0 A learning computer 45
This is the End This is the End 0 Good-bye 45
A Brand New Day A Brand New Day 0 Completed the story 45
Leafless Leafless 0 Didn't need the leaf 45
First of Her Name First of Her Name 0 Played on the swing 45
Everything‘s Alright Everything‘s Alright 0 New Beginnings 45
A Tree Reborn A Tree Reborn 0 Collected all the leaves 100