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Rigid Force Redux Achievements

Full list of Rigid Force Redux achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rigid Force Redux has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Outpost Alpha: Clear! Outpost Alpha: Clear! 0 Complete the first stage! 10
Vermis Station: Clear! Vermis Station: Clear! 0 Complete the second stage! 10
Caverns of Vurgos: Clear! Caverns of Vurgos: Clear! 0 Complete the third stage! 15
Creeo Base: Clear! Creeo Base: Clear! 0 Complete the fourth stage! 15
Aestus Facilities: Clear! Aestus Facilities: Clear! 0 Complete the fifth stage! 20
The Hive: Clear! The Hive: Clear! 0 Complete the sixth stage! 20
Serious Threat Serious Threat 0 Destroy more than 800 enemies. For warming up! 15
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Finish a complete stage without shooting at all. 25
Fleet Destroyer Fleet Destroyer 0 Destroy the complete Armed Transport Fleet in Outpost Alpha. 15
Shoot the CORE! Shoot the CORE! 0 Destroy the CORE Plasmoid inside Vermis Station in under 17 seconds. 25
Pest Controller Pest Controller 0 Defeat the giant Vurgosian Crawler. 15
Silence at Last! Silence at Last! 0 Destroy all Screechbats in Creeo Base. 25
Crash Test Crash Test 0 Destroy all Crashers in Aestus Facilities before they collide. 15
Ready for Scrapyard Ready for Scrapyard 0 Don't let a single Mech escape from The Hive! 25
Bullet Eater Bullet Eater 0 Block more than 300 bullets using the Bullet Blade. 25
Welcome Aboard! Welcome Aboard! 0 Finish the introduction. 10
Not a Single Scratch! Not a Single Scratch! 0 Clear a complete stage and its boss without taking any damage. 25
Devastator Devastator 0 Destroy more than 4,000 enemies. For advanced pilots only! 15
Master of Destruction Master of Destruction 0 Destroy more than 10,000 enemies. A challenge for veterans! 25
Boss Rush Master Boss Rush Master 0 Survive Boss Rush without getting hit. 50
No Time to Lose! No Time to Lose! 0 Finish Boss Rush in less than 6 minutes. 25
Arcade Master Arcade Master 0 Complete all stages in Arcade Mode with an A rating. 25
Arcade Enthusiast Arcade Enthusiast 0 Complete all stages in Arcade Mode with a B rating or better. 25
Arcade Novice Arcade Novice 0 Complete all stages in Arcade Mode with a C rating or better. 25
Mr. Perfect Mr. Perfect 0 Complete the entire Main Mission without taking any hit! 50
Gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all! 0 Save all of the missing comrades in any Arcade Mode Stage. 25
Good at Breaking Things Good at Breaking Things 0 Destroy all Orb Bombs in any Arcade Mode Stage! 25
Mission Complete! Mission Complete! 0 Complete the entire Main Mission on 'Hard'! 40
You ain't going nowhere! You ain't going nowhere! 0 Don't let more than 3 enemies escape during a stage! 25
Maximum Danger, Minimum Fear Maximum Danger, Minimum Fear 0 Stay in the front part of the screen for 10 seconds without damage during a stage. 25
Purist Purist 0 Defeat a boss enemy without any ship upgrades. 20
To the Limit! To the Limit! 0 Reach the highest multiplier in Arcade Mode. 25
Rigid Force Redux Master! Rigid Force Redux Master! 0 Unlock everything else! 100
What's that Energy Bar for? What's that Energy Bar for? 0 Complete the Main Mission without using the Energy Bar at all. 30
I can do without! I can do without! 0 Defeat a boss enemy while having a fully charged Energy Bar - without using it! 20
Score Hunter Score Hunter 0 Achieve a score of 500,000 or higher during the Main Mission. 25
Seen It All Seen It All 0 Complete all six stages in Arcade Mode. 25
Survivor Survivor 0 Complete Boss Rush. 25
Energy Collector Energy Collector 0 Collect at least 20,000 Energy Orbs throughout the game. 15
Item Collector Item Collector 0 Pick up at least 300 items throughout the game. 25