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Obduction Achievements

Full list of Obduction achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Obduction has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Power's On! Power's On! 0 Checked in with CW after turning on the power. 50
Going Out with a Bang Going Out with a Bang 0 Destroyed the Bleeder in Hunrath. 60
Let it Flow Let it Flow 0 Redirected the water in Hunrath. 50
Eggcellent! Eggcellent! 0 Viewed an Easter Egg. 50
The Glow Must Flow The Glow Must Flow 0 Connected Hunrath to the Heart. 60
Chain My Heart Chain My Heart 0 Connected Kaptar to the Heart. 60
Verdant Pulse Verdant Pulse 0 Connected Maray to the Heart. 60
My Heart Soars My Heart Soars 0 Connected Soria to the Heart. 60
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge 0 Destroyed the Box of Infinite Complexity. 50
Close to Death Close to Death 0 Approached an active Mofang WMD. 100
Sweet Caroline Sweet Caroline 0 Found Farley's Pod in the Silo. 100
Raising Arizona Raising Arizona 0 View Earth from Soria. 100
Home Run Home Run 0 Returned to Earth. 100
Scattered Seeds Scattered Seeds 0 Left the Nest. 100