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NEON ABYSS Achievements

Find all the NEON ABYSS achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Blood First Blood 0 Death is another beginning. 10
Don't Panic Don't Panic 0 Get killed by your own bombs. 10
Sovereign of Eggs Sovereign of Eggs 0 Get 50 eggs in a single run. 30
Mom's Love Mom's Love 0 Successfully hatch eggs 10 times in a row. 30
Sad Eggs Sad Eggs 0 Failed to hatch eggs 10 times in a row. 30
Mind Your Step Mind Your Step 0 Get killed by environmental damage 9 times. 10
Grim Squad Grim Squad 0 Unlock 6 Characters. 10
Hi Death! Hi Death! 0 Died in the Abyss 99 times. 20
Demolition Expert Demolition Expert 0 Found 99 secret rooms. 20
Piano Virtuoso Piano Virtuoso 0 Completed the Piano challenge 10 times. 10
Fishing Joy Fishing Joy 0 Fished 10 times in the fishing room. 10
Dark Trade Dark Trade 0 Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times. 20
Key Master Key Master 0 Opened 999 locked chests. 20
Burning Ground Burning Ground 0 Jumped 9999 times. 20
Abyss Veteran Abyss Veteran 0 Entered the Abyss for the 999th time. 30
Bug Squisher Bug Squisher 0 Stepped on worms 999 times. 30
Born Gambler Born Gambler 0 Played the Roulette machine 99 times. 10
The Joy of Sweat The Joy of Sweat 0 Finish watching the credits. 20
I Believe I Can Fly I Believe I Can Fly 0 Jumped 10 times in the air before landing. 20
Rugged Tenacity Rugged Tenacity 0 Acquire 10 heart containers in a run. 10
Shields Up! Shields Up! 0 Acquire 10 shields in a run. 10
Sherlock Sherlock 0 Found 5 secret rooms in a row. 10
Safety First Safety First 0 Complete a run without losing any hearts. 80
I'm Fine I'm Fine 0 Complete a run without picking up any hearts. 80
Shopping Maniac Shopping Maniac 0 Empty 4 shops in a single run. 30
Action Supremacist Action Supremacist 0 Defeat Argus without picking up any items. 80
First Light First Light 0 Defeat God of Darknet. 20
Natural Products Natural Products 0 Defeat God of Machines. 20
Stay Calm Stay Calm 0 Defeat God of Violence. 30
Seek the Truth Seek the Truth 0 Defeat Goddess of Illusion. 50
Shutdown Shutdown 0 Defeat God of Electricity. 20

Secret Achievements

Acrobatic Acrobatic 0 Get killed by your own bomb while in the air. 10
Pro Gamer Pro Gamer 0 Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt. 50
Ultimate Challenge Ultimate Challenge 0 Kill Athena in Abyssal Difficulty. 60
The Real Game The Real Game 0 Unlock Abyssal difficulty. 50
Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Fever 0 Dance in the bar for 30 minutes. 30