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Control - The Foundation Achievements

Full list of Control - The Foundation achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Control - The Foundation has 10 achievements worth 195 gamerscore

< Make/Unmake > < Make/Unmake > 0 Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times 30
Hostile Work Environment Hostile Work Environment 0 Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened 15
Rush Job Rush Job 0 Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush 30
Niche Position Niche Position 0 Find all hidden locations in the Foundation 15
Subterranean Research Subterranean Research 0 Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation 15
Supportive Staff Supportive Staff 0 Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies 15
A Strong Foundation A Strong Foundation 0 Complete all Missions in the Foundation 30

Secret Achievements

One of Us One of Us 0 Gather all the Maneki-nekos 15
Star Performance Star Performance 0 Complete the Side Mission "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform'" 15
Astral Plumbing Astral Plumbing 0 Discover the Astral Plane restroom 15

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