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Crimson Dragon Achievements

Find all the Crimson Dragon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Not Bad Rookie Not Bad Rookie 0 Earn a mission medal playing on any difficulty 10
Act of Courage Act of Courage 0 Start your first mission with Icarus Division 10
Easy Pickings Easy Pickings 0 Killed 50 enemy creatures 25
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake 0 Score “C” rank or higher on a mission in any difficulty mode 10
Close Call! Close Call! 0 Use a Revival Gem to revive your dragon during a mission 15
Do a Barrel Roll! Do a Barrel Roll! 0 Perform a barrel roll by leaning left or right 15
Primary Plus Primary Plus 0 Kill 200 enemies using only your dragon’s main skill 40
Vermin Exterminator Vermin Exterminator 0 Kill 500 enemy creatures 30
Antibody Archivist Antibody Archivist 0 Collect 18 different Antibodies from creatures on Draco 15
Magic Missiles Magic Missiles 0 Fire 3000 tracking missiles 35
Focused Willpower Focused Willpower 0 Kill 200 enemies using only you dragon’s secondary skill 40
Crimson Skies Crimson Skies 0 Kill 2000 enemy creatures 45
Data Harvester Data Harvester 0 Collect 500 beacons 35
Death from Above Death from Above 0 Defeat 3 enemy bosses 25
Skilled Seeker Skilled Seeker 0 Score “A” rank during any mission in Classic mode 10
First Time Buyer First Time Buyer 0 Purchase 1 item Pack using credits or Jewels 15
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Loot 1 rare item and 25 common items 20
Act of Honor Act of Honor 0 Complete all missions for Coral Lake East, Coral Lake West, and Underground Lake on any difficulty 50
Draco Delta-731 Draco Delta-731 0 Complete all story missions on Classic difficulty 100
Roger That! Roger That! 0 Activate your wingman dragon communicator and issue a voice command 20
The Navigator The Navigator 0 Use voice commands to navigate to the Shop, inventory, and Dragon Roost 15
Overachiever Overachiever 0 Acquire all medals for every story mission in the game 100
Equipped for Battle Equipped for Battle 0 Use 1 Ampoule during a mission 10
Ampoule Addict Ampoule Addict 0 Use 10 Ampoules 25
Act of Valor Act of Valor 0 Complete all missions for Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Lava Lake on any difficulty 50
Act of Truth Act of Truth 0 Complete all story missions on Casual or Classic difficulty 50
Still Awakening Still Awakening 0 Unlock a new skill by feeding your dragon 15
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest 0 Evolve your first dragon 20
Dragon Master Dragon Master 0 Purchase 3 dragons from the shop 35
Seeker Lieutenant Seeker Lieutenant 0 Achieve player level 5 20
Seeker Captain Seeker Captain 0 Achieve player level 10 20
Seeker Colonel Seeker Colonel 0 Achieve player level 20 25
Seeker General Seeker General 0 Achieve player level 40 50