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Going Under Achievements

Full list of Going Under achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Going Under has 23 achievements worth 1050 gamerscore

Icebreaker Icebreaker 0 Meet Your Coworkers. 25
Padded Resume Padded Resume 0 Unlock all skills. 75
Big Boss Big Boss 0 Complete Ray's mentorship. 25
Brand Ambassador Brand Ambassador 0 Complete Swomp's mentorship. 25
Senior Accountant Senior Accountant 0 Complete Tappi's mentorship. 25
Lead Engineer Lead Engineer 0 Complete Kara's mentorship. 25
Chief Flavor Officer Chief Flavor Officer 0 Complete Fern's mentorship. 25
Unboxing Champ Unboxing Champ 0 Open 100 delivery cubes. 25
The Price of Knowledge The Price of Knowledge 0 Get cursed 13 times. 50
Clean Exit Clean Exit 0 Kill a power loader with Exit Strategist 50

Secret Achievements

The Mana Press The Mana Press 0 Obtain The Mana Press. 25
The Toxic Mask The Toxic Mask 0 Obtain The Toxic Mask. 25
The Grim Ledger The Grim Ledger 0 Obtain The Grim Ledger. 25
F F 0 Go Under. 100
Work Smarter and also Harder Work Smarter and also Harder 0 Obtain The Caffiend's Share. 50
Grab Life by the Horns Grab Life by the Horns 0 Obtain Hover Hands' Share. 50
Get Rich & Die Trying Get Rich & Die Trying 0 Obtain Hustlebones' Share. 50
Hostile Takeover Hostile Takeover 0 Defeat Vested Marv. 100
You Are (Un) Employed You Are (Un) Employed 0 Save the World? 200
Clutchgod Clutchgod 0 Kill a Hungry Box. 25

Going Under: Working From Home

There are 3 achievements with a total of 50 points.

Self-Destructive Self-Destructive 0 Win a run in Impostor Mode. 10
Self-Actualized Self-Actualized 0 Complete The Impostor's final test. 20
Elbow Bumper Elbow Bumper 0 Complete the Rolodex 20