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Lunch A Palooza Achievements

Full list of Lunch A Palooza achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Lunch A Palooza has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

You got cooked! You got cooked! 0 Get killed by environment effects. 25
This plate is frikin' RAW! This plate is frikin' RAW! 0 Be 1st kill in the match. 25
First Serve First Serve 0 Get 1st kill in the match. 25
The Legendary Food Fighter The Legendary Food Fighter 0 Win without dying once. 50
Triple Portion Triple Portion 0 Get a Triple Kill. 50
Broken wings! Broken wings! 0 Flung off the map into the air. 25
Times up! Times up! 0 Die while table is flipping in Pixel Pizza Paradise. 25
King of the Hill King of the Hill 0 Stayed on hill longer than 10 seconds. 25
30 seconds is all I can spare! 30 seconds is all I can spare! 0 Win a match in under 30 seconds 50
Recurring Customer Recurring Customer 0 Win 30 matches. 50
Cowabunga! Cowabunga! 0 Unlocked Pizza Character. 50
I’m melting! I’m melting! 0 Unlocked Ice Cream Character. 50
A hole in one! A hole in one! 0 Unlocked Donut Character. 50
It’s still alive! It’s still alive! 0 Unlocked Sushi Character 50

Secret Achievements

That’s cheating! That’s cheating! 0 Playing 3 v 1. 25
THE ULTIMATE MEAL THE ULTIMATE MEAL 0 For unlocking everything, we salute you! 100
Reach for the stars Reach for the stars 0 Get killed by the UFO. 75
Hotter than Hell! Hotter than Hell! 0 Get killed by the Wood Fried Oven. 75
Retro Killer! Retro Killer! 0 Get a coin in the Arcade Machine. 75
How did you get up there? How did you get up there? 0 Get to the top of the Chandelier. 50
Dollface Dollface 0 Get to the Island of Dolls. 50