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Taimumari: Complete Edition Achievements

Full list of Taimumari: Complete Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Taimumari: Complete Edition has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Victory Over Knighthood Victory Over Knighthood 0 Defeated the Fallenstar 50
Bomb defused Bomb defused 0 Defeated the Explosive 50
Commander of skies Commander of skies 0 Defeated the Rocketto 50
Death of sisters Death of sisters 0 Defeated the Two-Faced 50
Butterfly killer Butterfly killer 0 Killed a butterfly 3
Find Jjar Find Jjar 0 Here he was! 50
Memories of Fallenstar Memories of Fallenstar 0 Collected all shields 50
Memories of Explosive Memories of Explosive 0 Collected all wrenches 50
Memories of Rocketto Memories of Rocketto 0 Collected all amphoras 50
Memories of Two-Faced Memories of Two-Faced 0 Collected all mirrors 50
Balance restored Balance restored 0 Completed the game 100
Getting a life Getting a life 0 Collected 25 extra lives 30
Star collector Star collector 0 Collected 720 stars 72
Star devourer Star devourer 0 Collected 1500 stars 55
Murderer Murderer 0 Defeated 500 enemies 50
MOAR MOAR 0 Unlocked additional character in Legend of Himari 30
Hello arthritis! Hello arthritis! 0 Reached level five in Legend of Himari 30

Secret Achievements

No-gooder No-gooder 0 Died 10 times 30
You are your own worst enemy You are your own worst enemy 0 Defeated the doppelganger 50
Kraken Kraken 0 Defeated the Kraken 50
Just square Just square 0 Defeated the Repainted masterpiece 50