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War Theatre Achievements

Full list of War Theatre achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

War Theatre has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Multi-Kill Multi-Kill 0 Destroy three units in one turn. 30
Ultra-Kill Ultra-Kill 0 Destroy four units in one turn. 60
Mega-Kill Mega-Kill 0 Destroy five units in one turn. 90
Story: Rat Mother Story: Rat Mother 0 Complete the Rat Mother story. 60
Story: Sister Robyn Story: Sister Robyn 0 Complete the Sister Robyn story. 60
Story: General Mort Story: General Mort 0 Complete the General Mort story. 60
Story: WarHawk Story: WarHawk 0 Complete the WarHawk story. 60
Story: Riven the Mad Story: Riven the Mad 0 Complete the Riven the Mad story. 60
Story: Morena of Uld Story: Morena of Uld 0 Complete the Morena of Uld story. 60
Story: AA-Team Story: AA-Team 0 Complete the AA-Team story. 60
Sparring Partner Sparring Partner 0 Defeat the AI in a Skirmish game. 30
Employee Employee 0 Complete one quest. 20
Manager Manager 0 Complete five quests. 40
War Horse War Horse 0 Complete ten quests. 60
Shiny Tool Shiny Tool 0 Purchase one perk. 20
Collector Collector 0 Purchase five perks. 40
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Purchase ten perks. 60
War Bonds War Bonds 0 Obtain 10000 gold from career quest rewards. 30
War Treasury War Treasury 0 Obtain 25000 gold from career quest rewards. 100