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Hand of Fate 2 - Outlanders and Outsiders Achievements

Find all the Hand of Fate 2 - Outlanders and Outsiders achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 23 achievements with a total of 425 points.

Blood Pact Blood Pact 0 Wielded the Blood Crescent. 10
Veteran Veteran 0 Completed 50 Adventures. 15
Opportunist Opportunist 0 Complete an Endless run with 10000 or more Endless Points. 15
Fractured Memories Fractured Memories 0 Fuse 5 Tokens from Token Shards. 15
The Mournful Wastes The Mournful Wastes 0 Completed the Mapmaker challenge. 10
Through the Portal Through the Portal 0 Unlocked the Mapmaker gold challenge token. 20
Brave Brave 0 Unlocked the Brave companion card. 90
Hubie's Big Day Out Hubie's Big Day Out 0 Completed an Endless Adventures attempt with Hubie and scored over 7,000 or more Endless Points. 15
Bomb Specialist Bomb Specialist 0 Restored 50 Artefact charges using Hubie's campfire ability. 15
New Horn New Horn 0 Used Hubie's Portal ability at the campfire 10 times. 15
Mischief Managed Mischief Managed 0 Defeated 50 Goblins in combat. 15
Captain's Protection Captain's Protection 0 With the assistance of a companion, defeated 50 enemies with the Hali's Ward artefact. 15
Uneasy Alliance Uneasy Alliance 0 Completed the Servant challenge. 10
Lord of Shadow Lord of Shadow 0 Unlocked the Lord companion card. 30
Shadow Run Shadow Run 0 Completed an Endless Adventures attempt with Veles and scored over 7,000 or more Endless Points. 15
Into Darkness Into Darkness 0 Revealed 30 Encounters using Veles' campfire ability. 15
Stranger's Hunger Stranger's Hunger 0 Had Veles finish 25 enemies affected by Knockdown. 15
Unleashed Unleashed 0 Completed 8 combats while Veles has Blood Madness. 15
Liberator Liberator 0 Freed 5 Gnomes from 10 Goblin Chiefs. 15
Crucible Crucible 0 Completed Grobben's Training encounter and win the Shadow Shard. 15
Bright Light Bright Light 0 Defeated 50 Shadows in combat. 15
Shadow Agent Shadow Agent 0 Fused the Shadow Shards and unlocked the Token. 15
Humble Servant Humble Servant 0 Completed the Servant challenge with Disciple's Guise helm equipped. 15

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