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Super Toy Cars 2 Achievements

Find all the Super Toy Cars 2 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Victory First Victory 0 Win 1 Event 25
Demolition Man Demolition Man 0 Win 1 Demolition Derby event 50
Winner Winner 0 Win 100 events of any type 125
Socialize Socialize 0 Play a multiplayer game either local or online 25
Trying Power-Ups Trying Power-Ups 0 Use 10 power-ups 25
Power-Ups Expert Power-Ups Expert 0 Use 100 power-ups 50
Arms Race Arms Race 0 Use 1000 power-ups 75
Long Trip Long Trip 0 Race 500 miles 100
Destructor Destructor 0 Destroy 100 cars 50
Epic Finish Epic Finish 0 Cross the finish line while being destroyed 50
All Cups Available! All Cups Available! 0 Unlock all cups in Career Mode 50
Driven half the way Driven half the way 0 Earn half the total points on Career Mode 75
Finish Career Mode Finish Career Mode 0 Earn all points in Career Mode 100
All Categories Covered All Categories Covered 0 Buy at least 1 car for each Vehicle Class 50
Fully Tuned Up! Fully Tuned Up! 0 Buy all the upgrades for one of your cars in Career Mode 25
Car Collection Car Collection 0 Acquire all cars in Career Mode 125