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Obey Me Achievements

Full list of Obey Me achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Obey Me has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Complete Me Complete Me 0 Finished the game with 100% completion 100
Number of the Beast Number of the Beast 0 Fused for 666 seconds total 15
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Defeated 1,000 enemy units 15
Sewer Surfer Sewer Surfer 0 Located all cute graffiti in Chapter 7 15
Radio Heads Radio Heads 0 Destroyed all ancient radios 15
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy 0 Triggered 1,000 charged enemies 15
Starstruck Starstruck 0 Got an SS rank on an encounter 10
Get Smart Get Smart 0 Found one of Crowley's notes 15
Walking Library Walking Library 0 Found all of Crowley's notes 30
A Shard a Day... A Shard a Day... 0 Completed a Purified Astral Crystal 15
...Keeps the Doctor Away ...Keeps the Doctor Away 0 Collected all Purified Astral Shards 30
Soulmonger Soulmonger 0 Collected 300,000 Souls 25
Rebel Yell Rebel Yell 0 Defeated Billy without taking any damage 20
Denied! Denied! 0 Defeated Ors without allowing it to heal 30
Speed Dating Speed Dating 0 Defeated Dranea & Ximala first boss in less than 100 seconds 20
My Dog! My Dog! 0 Defeated Marchosias without allowing him to transform 30
Cleansing Protocol Cleansing Protocol 0 Defeated The Purifier without allowing it to use its tornado attack more than twice 30
This is Almost Too Much! This is Almost Too Much! 0 Defeated The Angelical Echo without losing more than 20% of Vanessa's health 30
Eat-your-own-jutsu Eat-your-own-jutsu 0 Defeated Anna after making her clones attack her at least once 20
Can't Touch This Can't Touch This 0 Defeated Ammon without being hit by orb attacks more than three times 20
Triggered! Triggered! 0 Defeated Zadkiel after triggering him at full charge three or more times 20
Locked 'n Loaded Locked 'n Loaded 0 Fully upgraded a weapon 15
Trainer Trainer 0 Fully upgraded a dog form 15
Perfection Perfection 0 Achieved a SS rating on any chapter 10
Garbage Cleaning Garbage Cleaning 0 Defeated Billy and Ors on Hard Mode 30
Nothing Personal Nothing Personal 0 Defeated Dranea, Ximala & Marchosias on Hard Mode 30
Holy Affairs Holy Affairs 0 Defeated The Purifier and The Angelical Echo on Hard Mode 30
Totally Personal Totally Personal 0 Defeated Anna, Ammon And Zadkiel on Hard Mode 30
Infernal Legend Infernal Legend 0 Cleared all chapters with S rank or better 40

Secret Achievements

Almost Human Almost Human 0 Defeated Billy 10
Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning 0 Defeated Ors 10
Twisted Sisters Twisted Sisters 0 Defeated Xiamala & Dranea 10
Night of the Hunter Night of the Hunter 0 Defeated Marchosias 10
Purify This! Purify This! 0 Defeated The Purifier 10
Echoes Echoes 0 Defeated The Angelical Echo 10
Shut the hell up! Shut the hell up! 0 Defeated Anna 20
Revolution Revolution 0 Defeated Ammon 25
Angel's Punishment Angel's Punishment 0 Defeated Zadkiel 25
I Need a Shower I Need a Shower 0 Completed The Slums 10
Black Friday Black Friday 0 Completed Clota's Open Mall 10
Tomb Raiding Tomb Raiding 0 Completed Beneath the City 10
Corporate Cutthroat Corporate Cutthroat 0 Completed Legion Bank 10
Metamorphisis Metamorphisis 0 Unlocked all dog forms 25
One-Demon Army One-Demon Army 0 Unlocked all weapons 25
Walking Aresenal Walking Aresenal 0 Fully upgraded all weapons 30
Master Trainer Master Trainer 0 Fully upgraded all dog forms 30