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Foregone Achievements

Full list of Foregone achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Foregone has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Buzzbot Deactivated Buzzbot Deactivated 0 Destroy the Buzzbot 15
End of a Hera End of a Hera 0 Defeat Project Hera 15
Tectonic Hate Tectonic Hate 0 Defeat Tecton 15
Demeter Unchained Demeter Unchained 0 Defeat Project Demeter 15
Long Live the Queen Long Live the Queen 0 Defeat Calagan's First King 15
San-nakji San-nakji 0 Defeat Project Poseidon 15
Coming Through Coming Through 0 Damage 4 enemies with one Surge 15
Combat Medic Combat Medic 0 Heal with Restoration in mid-combat 15
Screen Wipe Screen Wipe 0 Damage 8 enemies with one Nova 15
Kick it into Overdrive Kick it into Overdrive 0 Kill 5 enemies with a single use of Overdrive 15
Safety First Safety First 0 Kill 10 enemies before Barrier's duration runs out 15
Razed Razed 0 Damage 6 enemies with one Raze 15
You're in here with me! You're in here with me! 0 Defeat an elite enemy inside Bastion 15
Hard Reset Hard Reset 0 Complete the Prologue 15
Sneakrets Sneakrets 0 Discover a secret location 15
Deja Vu Deja Vu 0 Reminisce at the Courtyard 15
I Know This Place I Know This Place 0 Discover all secret locations in a level 30
Dora the Arbiter Dora the Arbiter 0 Discover all secret locations 60
Archivist Archivist 0 Acquire a collectible 15
Tough Choice Ahead Tough Choice Ahead 0 Acquire a Catalyst 15
Gotta start somewhere Gotta start somewhere 0 Acquire a Skill Upgrade 15
Build 'em up Build 'em up 0 Upgrade an item 15
Unlimited Power Unlimited Power 0 Upgrade a Mythic item to Level 5 15
Shiny Shiny 0 Equip a Mythic item in each active slot 30
Jack of all Trades Jack of all Trades 0 Acquire all Skills 15
Full Potential Full Potential 0 Acquire all Skill Upgrades 30
Unlimited Potential Unlimited Potential 0 Acquire all Catalysts 15
Nimble Navigator Nimble Navigator 0 Acquire all Abilities 30
Captain's Log Captain's Log 0 Acquire all Commander's Logs 15
A Scientific Journal A Scientific Journal 0 Acquire all Lab Notes 15
Powerpoint Ranger Powerpoint Ranger 0 Acquire all Military Reports 15
Dear Diary Dear Diary 0 Acquire all Diary Pages 15
The Librarian The Librarian 0 Acquire all collectibles 30
The Soul Collector The Soul Collector 0 Speak to the Ferryman 15
Essence Well Spent Essence Well Spent 0 Allocate Essence into the Skill Tree 15
Maximize Maximize 0 Complete a branch in the Skill Tree 15
Enhance Enhance 0 Complete a branch in Skill Mastery 15
Overpowered Overpowered 0 Max all possible nodes in the Skill Tree 30
Skill Master Skill Master 0 Max all possible nodes in Skill Mastery 30
A Foregone Conclusion A Foregone Conclusion 0 Complete all Achievements 70

Secret Achievements

Twice Cooked Twice Cooked 0 Defeat the revived Project Hera 15
Sculptor's Idol Sculptor's Idol 0 Defeat the revived Project Demeter 15
Calamari Calamari 0 Defeat the revived Project Poseidon 15
Like Mother, Like Son Like Mother, Like Son 0 Defeat Project Zeus 30
The Truth The Truth 0 Learn the truth of the Arbiters 15
Harrowing Task Harrowing Task 0 Discover the Warden's plan 15
Going Down Going Down 0 Uncover a secret location with Ground Smash 15
Going Up Going Up 0 Ascend to a secret location with Wall Climb 15
Long Live Calagan Long Live Calagan 0 Kill Project Zeus 30
Myth of Cronus Myth of Cronus 0 Spare Project Zeus 30