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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Achievements

Full list of Yakuza: Like a Dragon achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon has 62 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Stories to Tell Stories to Tell 0 Completed 10 substories. 15
Stories to Live Stories to Live 0 Completed 20 substories. 15
Stories of the Streets Stories of the Streets 0 Completed 40 substories. 15
Friends in Low Places Friends in Low Places 0 Maxed Nanba's Bond Level. 15
Friends on the Force Friends on the Force 0 Maxed Adachi's Bond Level. 15
Friends Like Sisters Friends Like Sisters 0 Maxed Saeko's Bond Level. 15
Food for Thought Food for Thought 0 Viewed more than 20 Table Talk scenes. 15
A New Legend A New Legend 0 Raised Part-time Hero Member Rank to Senior Hero. 15
A New Hero A New Hero 0 Raised Part-time Hero Member Rank to Executive Hero. 15
Awakening Dragon Awakening Dragon 0 Reached level 10 with Kasuga. 10
Rising Dragon Rising Dragon 0 Reached level 30 with Kasuga. 10
Like a Dragon Like a Dragon 0 Reached level 50 with Kasuga. 15
Ryu Ga Gotoku Ryu Ga Gotoku 0 Reached level 70 with Kasuga. 15
Sound Character Sound Character 0 Raised one of Kasuga's personality stats to max. 15
Super Human Super Human 0 Raised all of Kasuga's personality stats to max. 15
Job Hopper Job Hopper 0 Changed Kasuga to three different jobs other than his starting job. 15
Life Experiences Life Experiences 0 Changed Kasuga to eight different jobs other than his starting job. 15
Career Counseling Career Counseling 0 Changed all four party members to jobs different from their default jobs and won a battle. 15
Professional Professional 0 Raised 1 job's rank to max. 15
Master of Trades Master of Trades 0 Raised 3 jobs' ranks to max. 15
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades 0 Raised 7 jobs' ranks to max. 30
Romance of the 10 Pieces Romance of the 10 Pieces 0 Made 10 pieces of gear at Romance Workshop. 15
Romancing the Forge Romancing the Forge 0 Fully upgraded Romance Workshop's equipment. 15
Gear Fanatic Gear Fanatic 0 Collected over 100 pieces of gear. 15
Gear Hoarder Gear Hoarder 0 Collected over 200 pieces of gear. 15
I Wanna Be the Very Best I Wanna Be the Very Best 0 Registered over 100 Sujimon to the Sujidex. 15
Gotta Catch 'Em All Gotta Catch 'Em All 0 Registered over 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex. 20
Pound It Pound It 0 Called for Poundmates 30 times. 15
Heir to the Legend Heir to the Legend 0 Beat the Sotenbori Battle Arena. 20
Fulfiller of Dreams Fulfiller of Dreams 0 Completed the last dungeon in Premium Adventure. 50
Make That Money Make That Money 0 Exceed 10 billion yen in capital for Kasuga's company. 15
New Digs! New Digs! 0 Moved Kasuga's company into a new office. 15
Presidential Power Presidential Power 0 Raised Kasuga's company into the top company in Yokohama. 15
Aggressive Executive Aggressive Executive 0 Bought up over 10 companies. 15
Man About Town Man About Town 0 Played over 10 minigames. 15
Certified Genius Certified Genius 0 Obtained over 10 certificates from the vocational school. 15
Pop the Cork Pop the Cork 0 Beat all Dragon Kart cups and rival races. 15
Can Quest Hero Can Quest Hero 0 Beat all the can-collecting courses. 15
Sleep Sheep Slapper Sleep Sheep Slapper 0 Watched all the movies at the theater without falling asleep. 15
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire 0 Entered into intimate relationships with over two female characters. 15
Honk-Honk Hero Honk-Honk Hero 0 Found all the people who will give you a honk-honk. 15
Fight on the Sidewalk! Fight on the Sidewalk! 0 Someone got run over by a car in battle. 10
Victory of the Millennium Victory of the Millennium 0 Beat the True Final Millennium Tower. 80

Secret Achievements

For the Family For the Family 0 Completed Chapter 1. 10
Rock Bottom Rock Bottom 0 Completed Chapter 2. 10
Heroes and Villains Heroes and Villains 0 Completed Chapter 3. 10
Soap on a Rope Soap on a Rope 0 Completed Chapter 4. 10
Smoked Smoked 0 Completed Chapter 5. 10
Ignition Ignition 0 Completed Chapter 6. 10
Three Spiders Three Spiders 0 Completed Chapter 7. 10
The Statesman The Statesman 0 Completed Chapter 8. 10
Time to Talk Time to Talk 0 Completed Chapter 9. 10
Illuminations Illuminations 0 Completed Chapter 10. 10
The Dragon Stirs The Dragon Stirs 0 Completed Chapter 11. 10
End of an Era End of an Era 0 Completed Chapter 12. 10
Fate of Our Fathers Fate of Our Fathers 0 Completed Chapter 13. 10
The Torch is Passed The Torch is Passed 0 Completed Chapter 14. 10
Thank You Thank You 0 Completed the final chapter. 50
Friends With Familiar Faces Friends With Familiar Faces 0 Maxed Joon-gi Han's Bond Level. 15
Friends in the Gang Friends in the Gang 0 Maxed Zhao's Bond Level. 15
Friends From Work Friends From Work 0 Maxed Eri's Bond Level. 15
Treasure Displeasure Treasure Displeasure 0 A creep crawled out of a safe for the first time. 10