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Ghost Files: Memory Of A Crime Achievements

Find all the Ghost Files: Memory Of A Crime achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 23 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Spotter Spotter 0 Find 15 Collectibles. 40
Passer-by Passer-by 0 Find one Collectible. 40
Collector Collector 0 Find all Collectibles. 60
Keen Eye Keen Eye 0 Find one Morphing Object. 40
Half Way Through Half Way Through 0 Find 15 Morphing Objects. 40
No Illusions No Illusions 0 Find all Morphing Objects. 60
Forensic Master Forensic Master 0 Complete fingerprint forensic analysis. 40
Forensic Novice Forensic Novice 0 Complete your first forensic analysis. 40
Straight Shooter Straight Shooter 0 Finish 3 Hidden Object Puzzles without a Hint. 40
Steady Hand Steady Hand 0 Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a mistake. 40
On Your Own On Your Own 0 Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a Hint. 40
Triple Shot Triple Shot 0 Find 3 Hidden Objects within 3 seconds. 40
Exceptional Exceptional 0 Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle in less than a minute. 40
Recollection Recollection 0 Recollect one lost memory. 40
Memory Lane Memory Lane 0 Recollect all the lost memory. 60
True Grit True Grit 0 Finish all the Minigames without skipping them. 60
Time Stands Still Time Stands Still 0 Complete a Minigame in less than a minute. 40

Secret Achievements

Firefighter Firefighter 0 Put out the flames. 40
Savior Savior 0 Disable the bomb. 40
True Detective True Detective 0 Catch the killer. 40
The Machinist The Machinist 0 Operate a crane. 40
Case Closed Case Closed 0 Discover the identity of the “Executioner” killer. 40
Unburied Unburied 0 Escape the coffin. 40