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Strawberry Vinegar Achievements

Full list of Strawberry Vinegar achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Strawberry Vinegar has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

In the Miso Soup In the Miso Soup 0 Ate miso soup. 15
Cookies Cookies 0 Baked cookies. 15
Natto Natto 0 Ate natto (begrudingly). 15
Tempura Shrimp Tempura Shrimp 0 Ate tempura shrimp - plus sides! 15
Chestnut Pudding Chestnut Pudding 0 Gave Licia a chestnut pudding. 15
Apple Rose Tarts Apple Rose Tarts 0 Baked apple rose tarts. 15
Takoyaki Takoyaki 0 Ate takoyaki. 15
Corncob Corncob 0 Watched a fearsome(?) demon eat a corncob. 15
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice 0 Ate shaved ice. 15
Chichi Dango Chichi Dango 0 Ate chichi dango. 15
Candyfloss Candyfloss 0 Ate candyfloss. 30
Onigiri Onigiri 0 Bought Licia an onigiri. 30
Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches Chicken Cutlet Sandwiches 0 Made Licia some chicken cutlet sandwiches. 30
Crêpe it Real Crêpe it Real 0 Bought Licia a crêpe. 30
Pancakes Pancakes 0 Made Licia pancakes. 30
Rice Porridge Rice Porridge 0 Made Licia rice porridge. 30
Risotto Risotto 0 Made Licia strawberry risotto. 30
Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake 0 Baked Licia a cake. 30
Pickled Plums Pickled Plums 0 Ate pickled plums. 30
Omelette Rice Omelette Rice 0 Ordered omelette rice. 30
Hamburger Steak Hamburger Steak 0 Ordered a hamburger steak. 30
Strawberry Sundae Strawberry Sundae 0 Savored a strawberry sundae. 30

Secret Achievements

Sherbet Nightmare Sherbet Nightmare 0 Encountered a fearsome demon. 40
Decadent Darkness Decadent Darkness 0 Embarassed a fearsome demon. 90
Lotus Blossoms Lotus Blossoms 0 Forgot everything. 90
Bittersweet Goodbye Bittersweet Goodbye 0 Said a sad farewell. 90
Sweetness and Light Sweetness and Light 0 Became Licia's best friend. 90
Strawberry Kisses Strawberry Kisses 0 Became Licia's (long-suffering) girlfriend. 90