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Elite Dangerous - Horizons: Beyond - Chapter Four Title Update Achievements

Find all the Elite Dangerous - Horizons: Beyond - Chapter Four Title Update achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Squad Goals Squad Goals 0 Joined or created a Squadron 30
Far from Home Far from Home 0 Visited a region outside of the Inner Orion Spur 20
Life Finds a Way Life Finds a Way 0 MadeĀ 5 Biological or Geological Codex discoveries 20
Seeing Stars Seeing Stars 0 MadeĀ 10 stellar body Codex discoveries 20
Xeno Fanatic Xeno Fanatic 0 Made 5 xenological Codex discoveries 20
Beneath the Surface Beneath the Surface 0 Mined 50 surface deposits 10
Miner Miracle Miner Miracle 0 Mined 50 sub-surface deposits 20
Split Decision Split Decision 0 Used seismic charges to split an asteroid 20
A Scanner Lightly A Scanner Lightly 0 Discovered every body in a system using the Discovery Scanner 20
The Devil's in the Detail The Devil's in the Detail 0 Fully mapped a planet or ring using the Detailed Surface Scanner 20

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