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Yes, Your Grace Achievements

Full list of Yes, Your Grace achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Yes, Your Grace has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hey there, little one. Hey there, little one. 0 Pick a nickname for Cedani. 5
Just don't hurt yourself! Just don't hurt yourself! 0 Practice sword fighting with Asalia for the first time. 5
Cold heart. Cold heart. 0 Tell Lorsulia she will be fine, instead of "I Love You". 5
Ooof, what's that smell? Ooof, what's that smell? 0 Pet Dusty three times. 5
This couldn't end well. This couldn't end well. 0 Get through the wedding night. 20
Let's throw a party! Let's throw a party! 0 Buy all upgrades for wedding. 40
A fine saddle for a hedgehog. A fine saddle for a hedgehog. 0 Buy a rooster for Cedani. 10
Little help goes a long way. Little help goes a long way. 0 Help Stefan. 10
I have a business. I have a business. 0 Invest in Tavern business. 10
I believe in magic. I believe in magic. 0 Buy all gemstones from fortune teller. 25
Empty walls. Empty walls. 0 Sell all paintings from the castle. 15
It's time for Magic! It's time for Magic! 0 Unlock Witch. 10
Keep the monsters at bay. Keep the monsters at bay. 0 Unlock Hunter. 10
I'm a King and a detective! I'm a King and a detective! 0 Find all evidence and clues for Royal Trial. 40
I've got this. I've got this. 0 Buy all upgrades for Radovian Battle. 50
This was... tough. This was... tough. 0 Win battle against Radovia. 60
The one I love. The one I love. 0 Give Aurelea a gift. 10
Got to help where we can. Got to help where we can. 0 Help all Radovians. 45
They're nothing but barbarians. They're nothing but barbarians. 0 Refuse all Radovians. 45
The pay's too short. The pay's too short. 0 Run out of gold. 5
We won't eat tonight. We won't eat tonight. 0 Run out of supplies. 5
I don't need people... oh wait. I don't need people... oh wait. 0 Hit zero villager contentment. 5
Yes, Your Grace. Yes, Your Grace. 0 Complete the game. 100

Secret Achievements

I'm an... entrepreneur! I'm an... entrepreneur! 0 Turn the Tavern into a... Public house. 10
Fandustic! Fandustic! 0 Help Lord Etton with his Dust trade. 30
Thank you, old friend. Thank you, old friend. 0 Audry takes the blame during the Royal Trial. 40
I will show him! I will show him! 0 Confront Ivo. 30
Nothing can stop love. Nothing can stop love. 0 Let Asalia run away with Maya. 30
Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. 0 Make Asalia marry Varid. 30
Farewell, my daughter. Farewell, my daughter. 0 Say Goodbye to Lorsulia. 25
Prepared for the worst. Prepared for the worst. 0 Buy all upgrades for the Siege. 60
Master of Dark Magic. Master of Dark Magic. 0 Flawlessly complete the Dark Ritual. 50
Arrrgghh! Arrrgghh! 0 Bear saved Cedani. 50
Family matters. Family matters. 0 Don't lose Aurelea or Cedani. 70
Mad King. Mad King. 0 Make Asalia marry Varid, let Aurelea die, kill the deserter, kill Lord Jovan, kill Beyran, kill Rado 40