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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Central City Secured! Central City Secured! 0 Completed Act I on any difficulty. 30
Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? 0 Destroyed a hotdog stand in each mission of Act I. 30
Together... As One Together... As One 0 Completed Act II on any difficulty. 30
To Me... To Me... 0 Used Arcee to heal Wheeljack in "Deserted". 15
To You... To You... 0 Used Wheeljack to heal Arcee in "Deserted". 15
An Impossible Task An Impossible Task 0 Completed Act III on any difficulty. 30
Squad Get-Together Squad Get-Together 0 Positioned the entire squad around the same Energon container. 30
The Future of This Planet... The Future of This Planet... 0 Complete Act IV on any difficulty. 30
Nature is Cruel Nature is Cruel 0 Shoved a Decepticon into an Energon Storm. 30
Our Salvation Our Salvation 0 Completed every mission on Easy difficulty. 90
Tactician and Scholar Tactician and Scholar 0 Completed every mission on Medium difficulty. 90
More Than Meets The Eye More Than Meets The Eye 0 Completed every mission on Hard difficulty. 100
Two 'Cons, One Stone Two 'Cons, One Stone 0 Shoved a Decepticon into another Decepticon. 90
The Greater Good The Greater Good 0 Use explosive cover to damage an Autobot and a Decepticon in the same explosion. 30
Move It! Move It! 0 Shoved an ally into the target region of a Destination objective. 90
Energon Aficionado Energon Aficionado 0 Performed fifty Ultimate abilities. 90
From the Brink From the Brink 0 Repaired an ally with 1 HP. 30
Throwback Thursday Throwback Thursday 0 Deactivated a Decepticon using Optimus Prime's Throw Back ability... on a Thursday. 30
Fighting Spark Fighting Spark 0 Reduced Megatron's HP to 50% or less in "The Well of the AllSpark". 90
Borrowed Tech Borrowed Tech 0 Equipped Arcee's Black Hole Grenade ability for three missions. 30