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Endless Fables: Dark Moor Achievements

Full list of Endless Fables: Dark Moor achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Endless Fables: Dark Moor has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Efficient Mender Efficient Mender 0 You've successfully fixed the cart. 30
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth 0 You've decorated a lovely cake. 30
Linguist Linguist 0 You've translated a word into runic form. 30
Lucky Gambler Lucky Gambler 0 You've won against a cunning player. 30
Storyteller Storyteller 0 You opened the gate to the Port. 30
Claw-Some Pal Claw-Some Pal 0 You saved Mr. Whiskers. 30
Kind Necromancer Kind Necromancer 0 You summoned a ghost. 30
Relentless Investigator Relentless Investigator 0 You gained entrance to the MacConnell mansion. 30
Friend of all Folk Friend of all Folk 0 You rejuvenated the tree folk's home. 30
Maze Master Maze Master 0 You've navigated the sewers. 30
Swordsman Swordsman 0 You obtained the legendary Doomblade. 30
Fantastic Fixer Fantastic Fixer 0 You expertly repaired the elevator. 30
Tree Doctor Tree Doctor 0 You've researched the Heart of Nature's symptoms. 30
Bird Whisperer Bird Whisperer 0 You summoned a bird with the power of music. 30
Mushroom Marksman Mushroom Marksman 0 You created stepping stones from mushrooms. 30
Table Traverser Table Traverser 0 You found a creative way to reach the top of the desk. 30
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Complete two Minigames without skipping. 30
Cadet Cadet 0 Complete four Minigames without skipping. 30
Grand Master Grand Master 0 Finish all Minigames without skipping. 45
Witty Fellow Witty Fellow 0 Finish two Minigames in 60 seconds without skipping. 30
Faster than Lightning Faster than Lightning 0 Finish eight Minigames in 60 seconds without skipping. 40
No Help Needed No Help Needed 0 Finish a HOP in 90 seconds. 30
Precise Seeker Precise Seeker 0 Finish a HOP without mistake. 30
Supreme Finder Supreme Finder 0 Finish all HOPs without any hints. 45
Pumpkin Master Pumpkin Master 0 Find all collectible items. 45
Mirage Hunter Mirage Hunter 0 Find all morphing objects. 45

Secret Achievements

Mighty Magician Mighty Magician 0 You defeated a cursed creature. 30
Skilled Sorcerer Skilled Sorcerer 0 You defeated the cursed scarecrow. 30
Wonderful Wizard Wonderful Wizard 0 You defeated the cursed flytrap. 30
Savior of Souls Savior of Souls 0 You freed Blair from the Kelpie's curse. 30
Monster Master Monster Master 0 You defeated the Kelpie. 30