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Re:Turn - One Way Trip Achievements

Full list of Re:Turn - One Way Trip achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Re:Turn - One Way Trip has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

All Aboard! All Aboard! 0 Completed Prologue 10
Am I on the Right Train? Am I on the Right Train? 0 Completed Chapter 1 10
Pre-Boarding Pre-Boarding 0 Completed Chapter 2 10
Hanging Out Hanging Out 0 Completed Chapter 3 20
Family Matters Family Matters 0 Completed Chapter 4 20
Masquerade Masquerade 0 Completed Chapter 5 20
Child's Play Child's Play 0 Completed Chapter 6 30
Down the Rabbit Hell Hole Down the Rabbit Hell Hole 0 Completed Chapter 7 30
Turntable Turntable 0 Completed Chapter 8 30
Wedding Toast Wedding Toast 0 Completed Chapter 9 30
Final Destination Final Destination 0 Completed Chapter 10 30
Come on Baby Light My Fire Come on Baby Light My Fire 0 Re-lit the campfire. 30
End of the Line End of the Line 0 Watched the credits to the end. 50
Non-Stop Non-Stop 0 Completed game without saving. 50
All Dolled Up All Dolled Up 0 Collected all dolls and masks. 50
Are you sure?? Are you sure?? 0 Leave your friends behind and save yourself! 100
Super Saver Fare Super Saver Fare 0 Saved the game more than 10 times. 30
Roundtrip Fare Roundtrip Fare 0 Played the game more than once. 100
Heavy Grab-ity Heavy Grab-ity 0 Lost all possible items to the Ghostly Hands. 50
Light Grab-ity Light Grab-ity 0 Got past the Ghostly Hands without losing all possible items in the process. 50
A-Maze-ing! A-Maze-ing! 0 Solved either lock maze puzzle in one try. 50
Doubly A-Maze-ing! Doubly A-Maze-ing! 0 Solved both lock maze puzzles in one try in the same playthrough. 50
Teamwork Teamwork 0 Had Kazuki help carry the door and help pry open the wall. 50
Next stop, Flushing Next stop, Flushing 0 Gave the broken toilet handle to the Porter. 50
I know it's you! I know it's you! 0 Gave the Bugaku mask to Ayumi 50