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Dunk Lords Achievements

Full list of Dunk Lords achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dunk Lords has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Dunk Baby Dunk Baby 0 Play your first game of Dunk Lords. 10
Run the Gauntlet Run the Gauntlet 0 Complete a full run of Gauntlet Mode. 100
Rain Shower Rain Shower 0 Make 20 or more threes against the CPU in regulation. (Hard or higher difficulty) 100
Slam Stars Slam Stars 0 Make 35 or more dunks against the CPU in regulation. (Hard or higher difficulty) 100
Monster Mega Monster Mega 0 Dunk 3 times during one Mega activation against the CPU. 40
Best with Butter Best with Butter 0 Defeat the giant lobster in Story Mode. 50
Dunk Lord Dunk Lord 0 Complete Story Mode. 100
Total Blowout Total Blowout 0 Score 70 or more points against the CPU in one game. (Hard or higher difficulty) 100
Full Court Full Court 0 Complete a 4-player game of Dunk Lords 40
Stuffed Stuffed 0 Buy every piece of gear in the game at least once. 100
Veteran Minimum Veteran Minimum 0 Play 100 games of Dunk Lords. 50
Roster Boss Roster Boss 0 Win at least one game with every character against the CPU. (Hard or Expert difficulty) 50
Alley-Oops Alley-Oops 0 Uppercut a player out of an alley-oop. 50
Back to Fundamentals Back to Fundamentals 0 Complete a full run of Gauntlet Mode without buying any items. 100
True Dunk Lord True Dunk Lord 0 Completed the story as a Pro. 10