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Ben 10 Power Trip! Achievements

Full list of Ben 10 Power Trip! achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ben 10 Power Trip! has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Turning up the Heat Turning up the Heat 0 Unlock Heatblast 50
Fastest Alien Alive Fastest Alien Alive 0 Unlock XLR8 50
Shocking Discovery Shocking Discovery 0 Unlock Shockrock 50
Looking Sharp Looking Sharp 0 Unlock Rath 50
Hard Headed Hard Headed 0 Unlock Diamondhead 50
Roadie Roadie 0 Destroy 5 Decibel Concerts 15
Opening Act Opening Act 0 Destroy 10 Decibel Concerts 25
Headliner Headliner 0 Destroy All Decibel Concerts 50
Explorer I Explorer I 0 Complete everything in Grashugel Forest 50
Explorer II Explorer II 0 Complete everything in Strudelbek City 50
Explorer III Explorer III 0 Complete everything in Mt. Eisburg 50
Omni-Guard Omni-Guard 0 Find the Omni-Guard 25
Record Collector Record Collector 0 Collect all the Records 50
Road Trip Road Trip 0 Fast travel using the Rust Bucket 15
Monster Hunter I Monster Hunter I 0 Defeat the Forest Power Spring 25
Monster Hunter II Monster Hunter II 0 Defeat the City Power Spring 25
Monster Hunter III Monster Hunter III 0 Defeat the Mountain Power Spring 25
Hero of the People Hero of the People 0 Complete your first Side Mission 20
Super Ben Super Ben 0 Save all the citizens from monsters. 20
Archivist Archivist 0 Find all the Trinkets 25
Road to Ruin Road to Ruin 0 Defeat your first Void Ruin 15
King of the Scoots King of the Scoots 0 Complete all the Scooter Challenges. 15
Getting Stronger Getting Stronger 0 Choose your first upgrade 15
On a Roll On a Roll 0 Find all the Luck Upgrades 20
Fit as a Fiddle Fit as a Fiddle 0 Find all the Toughness Upgrades 20
Let's Rumble Let's Rumble 0 Unlock Four Arms 50
Strudelbek Savior Strudelbek Savior 0 Defeat Hex and Save Strudelbek 125
Muscle Man Muscle Man 0 Find all the Power Upgrades 20