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Darkestville Castle Achievements

Full list of Darkestville Castle achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Darkestville Castle has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secrets fan Secrets fan 0 There’s nothing behind the picture. 15
147 times 147 times 0 So it’s all about Dan again and again and again... 15
Repair guy Repair guy 0 You've got talent for that. 15
Old habits Old habits 0 Trash is important… most of the times. 15
Sid’s personal friends club Sid’s personal friends club 0 Darkestville is a city of communication. 30
Death is fun Death is fun 0 Who were these fellows? 30
Lullaby for Walrus Lullaby for Walrus 0 You mom always said, that you shouldn’t drink something you’re not confident about. 15
Big Pie Raptor Big Pie Raptor 0 I swear, I saw it! 15
There's Something About Dan There's Something About Dan 0 It seems I didn’t’ know much about Dan. He’s such a nice guy! 30
Pickupartist Pickupartist 0 He-he-he… he-he-he 15
Hell gate Keymaster Hell gate Keymaster 0 Important thing is not to be eaten by chest. 30
Freedom! Freedom! 0 As I said, you’ve got a talent. 15
Gismo! Gismo! 0 Do you remember, what water and gremlins have in common? 30
Nam Flashbacks Nam Flashbacks 0 Do you still trust vegans? 15
Demonologist Demonologist 0 Grave New World. 80
Know your rights Know your rights 0 Such a politically correct lycanthrope. 30
Bureaucrat Bureaucrat 0 Are you serious? What a bore? 15
Language barrier Language barrier 0 Bzzz? Bzzzzh! 30
Honorary Biologist Honorary Biologist 0 What's the difference between mushrooms and buttercups? 15
Cheater Cheater 0 Presto! Why did I not think of this before? 15
Wimp Wimp 0 Confused, aren’t you? Well, you should be. 15
Who’s there? Who’s there? 0 Wall? What wall? 30
Imagination Imagination 0 It might have no wheels, still it’s a motorcycle. 15
EL CAFE DE LA MUERTO! EL CAFE DE LA MUERTO! 0 (an awesome jingle plays here) 15
Medic! Medic! Medic! Medic! 0 You didn't want to but you had to. 15
Strike Strike 0 Why didn’t I join the Demon Trade Union? 30
Thank you for your call Thank you for your call 0 The real Hell is tech support. 30
ACCESS DENIED ACCESS DENIED 0 You’re not that much of a hacker. 80
Terror of the Hell Terror of the Hell 0 You found you Kindred Spirit. 15
Survivalist Survivalist 0 At least we’ve found a coupon inside. 15
Huckster Huckster 0 I did say you’ve got a talent, didn’t I? 30
Connoisseur of drinks Connoisseur of drinks 0 It’s pretty hard to say no to alcohol. 75
Handyman Handyman 0 We don’t burn bridges – we build them! 15
Burglar Burglar 0 I didn’t know it’s there. 30
Bookworm Bookworm 0 You’re not just a Biologist now. 15
Hi there! Hi there! 0 This ghost is vaguely familiar to you. 15
Family ties Family ties 0 I guess, I’m starting to put all this together (actually no). 75
Catch me if you can Catch me if you can 0 It’s useless, Vigo, useless! 15