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Space Otter Charlie Achievements

Full list of Space Otter Charlie achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Space Otter Charlie has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Armed and Furry Armed and Furry 0 Built your first Lazor. Pew, Pew! 10
Out of the Dark Out of the Dark 0 Turned on the lights aboard H.M.S. Tomcat. 20
I'm not a Rodent! I'm not a Rodent! 0 Defeated the A.R.E.S. aboard H.M.S. Tomcat. 50
Bank Shot! Bank Shot! 0 Made a bank-shot to open a door on Valencia Station. 20
Eye Win! Eye Win! 0 Defeated the ghost of Captain Gregg on Valencia Station. 50
Hotter Than an Otter Hotter Than an Otter 0 Escaped fiery death on Pallas Station. 50
I'm Dizzy! I'm Dizzy! 0 Built the Spinshot and escaped Tornado Labs. 30
I'll Form the Head I'll Form the Head 0 Power up the Verituf MEGA Bot! 30
I said, I'm NOT a RODENT! I said, I'm NOT a RODENT! 0 Defeat A.R.E.S. v2.0 with the Verituf MegaBot. 50
We Can't Do This Alone! We Can't Do This Alone! 0 Recruited a friend to help colonize space. 20
Social Creatures Social Creatures 0 Talked to 4 rescued colonists aboard the R.A.F.T. 30
All Aboard! All Aboard! 0 Beamed every colonist aboard the R.A.F.T. 50
Otter Space Traveller Otter Space Traveller 0 Unlocked all the levels on the galaxy map. 30
Otter Modder Otter Modder 0 Upgraded one of your weapons. 20
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded 0 Upgraded the Lazor, Reflector, and Missile Launcher. 30
Fur's Not Enough Fur's Not Enough 0 Upgrade your suit with a total of 4 thrust or shield upgrades. 30
Fashion Statement Fashion Statement 0 Built a custom space suit. 20
Furry Fashion Plate Furry Fashion Plate 0 Built 5 custom space suits. 50
Future History Buff Future History Buff 0 Completed 2 full data log entries. 30
Otter Blotter Otter Blotter 0 Collect all the Otter Fact data log entries. 50
Blasted Pancake! Blasted Pancake! 0 Got crushed to death. Ouch. 10
Sneaky Otter Sneaky Otter 0 Discovered 10 hidden areas. 30
Shiny! Shiny! 0 Collected 80 space crystals. 30
Keep Up the Good Work, Prevent Accidents! Keep Up the Good Work, Prevent Accidents! 0 Investigated Project 1138 in Erebus labs. Lived to tell the tale. 30
Destruction Crew! Destruction Crew! 0 Destroyed 200 boulders. 30
I Meant To Do That! I Meant To Do That! 0 Killed 15 enemies with reflected shots. 30
Who Needs a Gun? Who Needs a Gun? 0 Destroyed 30 enemies without using a gun. 30
Take That, Snackers! Take That, Snackers! 0 Destroyed 3 Pixel Cat spawners. 30
Welcome Back, Otter Welcome Back, Otter 0 Start a new single player game after having finished the game. 30
So Urchin! So Urchin! 0 Finished 15 matches of "So Urchin!" multiplayer mode. 50
Furious Furball Furious Furball 0 Finished 10 matches of "Furry Fury" multiplayer mode. 30