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YesterMorrow Achievements

Full list of YesterMorrow achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

YesterMorrow has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

They see me rollin'... They see me rollin'... 0 Rolled 500 times 15
First female Timekeeper First female Timekeeper 0 Used all Timekeeper skills at least once 30
Down the wormhole Down the wormhole 0 Dread Worm cleansed 15
Not even stone will protect you Not even stone will protect you 0 Corruptor banished 15
Guardian restored Guardian restored 0 Dragon cleansed 15
Like a fly beating a spider Like a fly beating a spider 0 Tormentor banished 15
Broken wings Broken wings 0 Raven King cleansed 15
No unauthorized entry allowed No unauthorized entry allowed 0 Summoning of Shadow General interrupted 15
Anger, despair and corruption Anger, despair and corruption 0 The Order has fallen 15
Pet petter Peter Pet petter Peter 0 Pet all domestic animals 15
Nature will heal in time Nature will heal in time 0 Completed Forest island (story and collectibles) 50
Winds haven't died yet Winds haven't died yet 0 Completed Desert island (story and colectibles) 50
Ice held it's ground Ice held it's ground 0 Completed Ice island (story and collectibles) 50
Shadow repellant Shadow repellant 0 Cleansed 10 creatures 15
Life cleanser Life cleanser 0 Cleansed 50 creatures 30
Animal savior Animal savior 0 Cleansed 150 animals 50
Pet Pal Pet Pal 0 Petted 10 animals 15
Pet Cuddler Pet Cuddler 0 Petted 20 animals 30
Pet Lover Pet Lover 0 Petted 30 animals 50
Resilient Resilient 0 Earned 7 hearts 15
Indomitable Indomitable 0 Earned 10 or more hearts 30
Loremistress Loremistress 0 Unlocked all journal entries 50
Guiding lights Guiding lights 0 Lit up 50 Everlight lanterns 15
Light can't hurt light Light can't hurt light 0 Threw a bomb at a NPC 30
Flashbang Flashbang 0 Banished 20 Shadows with Bombs 15
Bodycheck Bodycheck 0 Banished 20 Shadows with Dash 15
Everlight Stampede Everlight Stampede 0 Banished 20 Shadows with Megastomp 15
Shadowbane Shadowbane 0 Banished 100 Shadows in one playthrough 30
Runic cartography Runic cartography 0 Collected all map fragments 30
Ambitious archivist Ambitious archivist 0 Collected 5 Timekeeper artefacts 15
Relics of the ancient world Relics of the ancient world 0 Collected all Timekeeper artefacts 30

Secret Achievements

A spark of hope A spark of hope 0 Gained Eversight 15
Arsenal of Light Arsenal of Light 0 Learned how to summon Bombs 15
High ground covered High ground covered 0 Learned how to Doublejump 15
Pierce the Darkness Pierce the Darkness 0 Learned how to summon Glow 15
Fast and furious Fast and furious 0 Learned how to Dash 15
Groundbreaking Groundbreaking 0 Learned how to Megastomp 15
Freeze! Freeze! 0 Learned how to freeze time 15
The price of peace The price of peace 0 Restored the Conduit without the proper tools 50
The first Grandmistress The first Grandmistress 0 Restored the Conduit using Timekeeper artifacts 50