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Mayhem Brawler Achievements

Full list of Mayhem Brawler achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mayhem Brawler has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Pandora’s Box Pandora’s Box 0 Complete The Old Docks. 15
Altered Beast Altered Beast 0 Complete Chainfield. 15
Mayhem Rock City Mayhem Rock City 0 Complete Riverside. 15
Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle 0 Complete The Abandoned Buildings. 15
Circling the Prey Circling the Prey 0 Complete Greenbridge Park. 15
The Warriors The Warriors 0 Complete The Old Subway. 15
Gutter Ballet Gutter Ballet 0 Complete The Sewer Network. 15
Spectral Overload Spectral Overload 0 Complete Codex Entertainment. 15
Corporate Ladder Corporate Ladder 0 Complete Feller Corp. 15
Speeding Bullets Speeding Bullets 0 Defeat 10 enemies with any firearm. 15
Up The Irons! Up The Irons! 0 Defeat 10 enemies with any melee weapon. 15
Barrel-ly Legal Barrel-ly Legal 0 Defeat 10 enemies with any throwable object. 15
Street Food Street Food 0 Obtain 5 yellow consumables. 15
Sugar Rush Sugar Rush 0 Obtain 5 blue consumables. 15
The Powerhouse The Powerhouse 0 Complete 7 different levels with Dolphin. 45
The Telekinetic The Telekinetic 0 Complete 7 different levels with Star. 45
The Living Weapon The Living Weapon 0 Complete 7 different levels with Trouble. 45
Orange is the New Black Orange is the New Black 0 Fight the people with orange jumpsuits. 45
Who Watches the Watchmen? Who Watches the Watchmen? 0 Fight the people with uniforms. 45
Land of the Dead Land of the Dead 0 Fight the people without tombstones. 45
U Can’t Touch This! U Can’t Touch This! 0 Block 3 catch attacks. 45
World Without Magic World Without Magic 0 Complete the game without fighting any spellcaster. 95
Insert Coin Insert Coin 0 Complete the game in Arcade mode. 95
Perfect! Perfect! 0 Complete a section without taking any damage. 95
Combo Mania Combo Mania 0 Perform an Ultimate Combo. 95
Choose Your Own Adventure Choose Your Own Adventure 0 Complete all 3 alternative endings. 95