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Book of Adventum Achievements

Full list of Book of Adventum achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Book of Adventum has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

True Associate True Associate 0 Leave Outpost and enter Statue Forest 10
Android Whisperer Android Whisperer 0 Complete "Daedalus" quest 10
I Just Work Here I Just Work Here 0 Complete Rust in Pieces quest 10
Metaphysical Monthly Metaphysical Monthly 0 Ask Daedalus a specific question 10
Hell Hath No Fury Like an AI Scorned Hell Hath No Fury Like an AI Scorned 0 Tell Freya that she is one manipulative ***** 10
Shopping Spree! Shopping Spree! 0 Use Vendortron 10
Breaking Bad Breaking Bad 0 Craft an alchemical potion at any workbench 10
Tinkering is my middle name Tinkering is my middle name 0 Craft any weapon at any workbench 10
Flabbergaster Flabbergaster 0 Stagger a QingTing Commando at least once 20
A way to treat a lady? A way to treat a lady? 0 Stagger Nemesis with electricity at least once 20
Fus-Ro-Whatever Fus-Ro-Whatever 0 Complete the Words as Power sidequest 20
Giant Slayer Giant Slayer 0 Defeat one BFG 20
Stranger Things and Beings Stranger Things and Beings 0 Complete the Pain and Despair sidequest 30
Undertaker Undertaker 0 Collect all Guild Dog Tags 20
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Don't take any damage while operating a turret 20
Survivor Survivor 0 Complete the main story line 150
Master and Commander Master and Commander 0 100% completion 200
Stag Party Stag Party 0 Kill a staggered enemy 20
Grifter Grifter 0 Open 10 lockers with number codes 20
Uncle Screwdriver Uncle Screwdriver 0 Kill 10 enemies with Kukashazardi 20
Leonhart Leonhart 0 Perform a power attack with GunBlade 20
Tin-Tin Tin-Tin 0 Kill 5 or more Tinmen 15
Smooth Operator Smooth Operator 0 Clear the sniper scene (Vanity) on the first try 15
Bullet Time Bullet Time 0 Kill an enemy in Temporal Distortion time dilation 20
Addict Addict 0 Drink 10 cups of coffee in Workshops 10
Dr. Prepper Dr. Prepper 0 Visit every Armory 15
Allfather approves Allfather approves 0 Kill an enemy while using Odin's Shield 20
Niche Destruction Niche Destruction 0 Use the environment to kill Vanity 20
Budding Engineer Budding Engineer 0 Collect all blueprints and recipes 30
Aiming High Aiming High 0 Perform 50 headshots with any gun 20

Secret Achievements

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? 0 Ask Captain Jack 'Are we there yet?' three times in a row 10
Paladin Paladin 0 Install Freya in the Inner Sanctum Mainframe 50
A true friend indeed A true friend indeed 0 Install Antero in the Inner Sanctum Mainframe 50
Si vis pacem, para bellum Si vis pacem, para bellum 0 Shoot at Clankers in Chapel scene 15
Thunderdome Thunderdome 0 Complete all Arena levels 50