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Unspottable Achievements

Full list of Unspottable achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Unspottable has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Double Punch Double Punch 0 2 players were punched in 2 seconds 30
Triple Punch Triple Punch 0 3 players were punched in 2 seconds 30
Longer is better Longer is better 0 Complete a 99 points game 100
Mission Impossible Mission Impossible 0 Unlock all characters 70
Big Win Big Win 0 Win a game without any opponents scoring any points 40
Robot cleaner Robot cleaner 0 Punch all bots in start scene 30
Ha-Ha! Ha-Ha! 0 Bully 10 times someone in start scene 40
Teacher's pet Teacher's pet 0 Complete the tuto 30
Human only Human only 0 Finish a game with no robots left in Arena 40
Sneaky Exit Sneaky Exit 0 Collect all items and leave the area during distract 40
Clutch Clutch 0 All the players got punched as they were about to leave 40
Flat Men Flat Men 0 All players have been crushed 30
Short Circuit Short Circuit 0 Turn off the light 10 times in a game 40
Under the spotlights Under the spotlights 0 Punch an opponent under a spotlight 30
Airstrike Airstrike 0 All bots killed by bombs 40
Big Bang Big Bang 0 All players killed by bombs 30
Don't give me orders Don't give me orders 0 Punch the instructor 3 times in the same game 40
Karate Master Karate Master 0 All players punched by instructor 40
Out of my area Out of my area 0 Punch a player out of the game area 40
Catch me if you can Catch me if you can 0 Use the teleporter 10 times 40

Secret Achievements

Short and Sweet Short and Sweet 0 Complete a 1 point game 30
No real winner No real winner 0 Draw a game 40
Collateral damage Collateral damage 0 Punch the spectator in meadow 40
Skynet Wins Skynet Wins 0 All players get punched by robots 30
Night vision Night vision 0 All players have been punched when the lights were off 40