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The Last Cube Achievements

Full list of The Last Cube achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Last Cube has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Least Squares Method Least Squares Method 0 Complete all Steps and Time Challenges. 100
Above and Beyond Above and Beyond 0 Complete all bonus levels. 100
A Determined Cube A Determined Cube 0 Complete 4 challenges. 50
A Stubborn Cube A Stubborn Cube 0 Complete all challenges. 100
The Explorer The Explorer 0 Find all relics. 100
Knowing Your Home Knowing Your Home 0 Find all Relics in the Hub. 100
Stacker Stacker 0 Stack 3 Clone Cubes on top of each other. 50
Meet Your Maker Meet Your Maker 0 Find the lone robot arm in the Research Lab. 50
Taste the Rainbow Taste the Rainbow 0 Walk onto a Full Reset Square while having one of each sticker on the Cube. 50
Calmness and Curiosity Calmness and Curiosity 0 Complete the Blue Theme. 50
Life and Cooperation Life and Cooperation 0 Complete the Green Theme. 50
Control and Advance Control and Advance 0 Complete the Orange Theme. 50
Mystery and Shadows Mystery and Shadows 0 Complete the Purple Theme. 50
Danger and Fire Danger and Fire 0 Complete the Red Theme. 50
Tradition and Knowledge Tradition and Knowledge 0 Complete the Yellow Theme. 50