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Forza Motorsport Achievements

Full list of Forza Motorsport achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Forza Motorsport has 57 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Forza Welcome to Forza 0 Completed your first race 10
On the House On the House 0 Received your first gift car 10
Make it Yours Make it Yours 0 Bought your first car 10
Express Yourself Express Yourself 0 Changed your Driver Suit 5
My First Art Show My First Art Show 0 Shared one of your Designs 10
Influencer Influencer 0 Earned 10,000 credits from the community using your Design 30
Race Engineer Race Engineer 0 Shared one of your Tunes 10
Setting the Standard Setting the Standard 0 Earned 10,000 credits from the community using your Tune 30
Paparazzi Paparazzi 0 Shared a Photo 10
Highlight Reel Highlight Reel 0 Shared a Replay 10
Welcome to Builders Cup Welcome to Builders Cup 0 Completed the Tutorial for Career Mode 10
Built Not Bought Built Not Bought 0 Completed 1 Series in Career Mode 10
Just Getting Started Just Getting Started 0 Completed 1 Tour in Career Mode 15
Journeyman Builder Journeyman Builder 0 Completed 2 Tours in Career Mode 15
Pro Builder Pro Builder 0 Completed 3 Tours in Career Mode 25
Legendary Builder Legendary Builder 0 Completed 4 Tours in Career Mode 20
It’s not the car... It’s not the car... 0 Finished in top three of a series with a stock car in Builders Cup 30
Getting Familiar Getting Familiar 0 Reached Car Level 25 in any car 10
Pride and Joy Pride and Joy 0 Reached Car Level 50 in any car 15
Brand Ambassador Brand Ambassador 0 Reached max brand discount by owning 5 level 50 cars from a manufacturer 30
Aficionado Aficionado 0 Reached Car Level 50 in 10 cars 30
Garage Royalty Garage Royalty 0 Reached Car Level 50 in 30 cars 50
Tinkerer Tinkerer 0 Made an upgrade to any car 10
Body Builder Body Builder 0 Applied a Wide Body conversion to any car 15
Heart Transplant Heart Transplant 0 Swapped an engine in any car 15
In the Big Leagues In the Big Leagues 0 Completed your first Featured Multiplayer Event 10
Clean Driving Clean Driving 0 Completed a clean Qualifying lap in Featured Multiplayer 15
Safety Star Safety Star 0 Held an S Safety Rating across 5 consecutive Featured Multiplayer events 20
Safety Superstar Safety Superstar 0 Held an S Safety Rating across 10 consecutive Featured Multiplayer events 30
Pole Position Pole Position 0 Posted the best Qualifying Lap Time in a Featured Multiplayer event 20
Podium Prodigy Podium Prodigy 0 Earned a spot on the podium in Featured Multiplayer 20
Rain or Shine Rain or Shine 0 Created and completed a race in the rain in Free Play 10
Freedom! Freedom! 0 Completed a Quick Race in Free Play 10
Leisure Cruise Leisure Cruise 0 Completed a lap at sunset at Spa Francorchamps 10
Time Traveler Time Traveler 0 Won a Timed Race in Free Play 10
New Rival New Rival 0 Posted a lap time on any track in Rivals Time Attack 10
Amateur Rival Amateur Rival 0 Beat 5 Rivals 15
Enthusiastic Rival Enthusiastic Rival 0 Beat 10 Rivals 20
Experienced Rival Experienced Rival 0 Beat 20 Rivals 30
Endurance Legacy Endurance Legacy 0 Completed a race in the 2021 Porsche 911 GT3 on Kyalami Grand Prix 15
American Challenger American Challenger 0 Completed a race in the 2023 Cadillac Cadillac Racing V-Series.R on the Le Mans Full Circuit 15
Sightseeing Sightseeing 0 Competed on Hakone Club with the 2020 Toyota GR Supra 15
When in Rome… When in Rome… 0 Completed a race in the 2020 Ferrari Roma on the Mugello Full Circuit 15
Free as a Bird Free as a Bird 0 Completed a race in the 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 on the Eaglerock Club Circuit 15
Flying Flying 0 Maintained a speed of 180mph or higher for 3 seconds 20
Stiff Competition Stiff Competition 0 Completed 10 races with AI set to the fastest difficulty 25
Night Owl Night Owl 0 Completed 50 laps at night 10
Rain Meister Rain Meister 0 Completed 50 laps in the rain 10
Contender Contender 0 Completed 100 laps in Multiplayer 20
Competitor Competitor 0 Completed 300 laps in Multiplayer 30
Racecraft Racecraft 0 Gained at least 12 positions in any Multiplayer race 30
Self-Improvement Self-Improvement 0 Scored a perfect 10 on any Track Segment 20
Technique Technique 0 Scored a 9 or better on any Track Segment 15
Excellence Excellence 0 Finished with no penalty with full Forza Race Regulations enabled 20
Strategist Strategist 0 Changed your Fuel and Tire setup for the first time 10
Running on Fumes Running on Fumes 0 Finished a race with no more than one Fuel Lap left in your car 25
Well Rounded Well Rounded 0 Changed your tires during a race to use a different tire compound 25