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Car Mechanic Simulator Classic Achievements

Full list of Car Mechanic Simulator Classic achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Car Mechanic Simulator Classic has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Spill engine oil Spill engine oil 0 You have to clean that! 30
Pour oil into oil drain Pour oil into oil drain 0 You did it well! 30
Buy one car Buy one car 0 You own one car! 50
Seller Seller 0 You made real profit! 70
(not)Hard work (not)Hard work 0 Maybe it's not much but it's honest work 40
Junior Repairman Junior Repairman 0 Good Start! 40
More money More money 0 You are partially rich! 50
Parking owner Parking owner 0 You own parking! 60
Let's paint something! Let's paint something! 0 You can paint some cars! 60
Path test owner Path test owner 0 You own path test! 60
Mid Repairman Mid Repairman 0 You are on good way! 70
Really rich! Really rich! 0 You are millionaire! 70
Professional Reapairman Professional Reapairman 0 Professionals have standards 100
Ready to go! Ready to go! 0 Give me a hammer! 100
This is only the beginning This is only the beginning 0 You (maybe) like it 70
Screw master Screw master 0 Good Job! You are true screw master! 100