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Swordbreaker Achievements

Full list of Swordbreaker achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Swordbreaker has 58 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Greatest Hero Greatest Hero 0 Get Hero title from knight of the Temple of Fate 60
Serial Killer Serial Killer 0 Get Killer title from knight of the Temple of Fate 60
Pitiful Coward Pitiful Coward 0 Get Coward title from knight of the Temple of Fate 55
Skeleton Guards Skeleton Guards 0 Kill the skeleton guards 15
Borov Borov 0 Kill the Borov 15
Blacksmith Blacksmith 0 Kill the Blacksmith 15
Librarian Librarian 0 Kill the Librarian 15
Cockroach Cockroach 0 Kill the Cockroach 15
Timbernator Timbernator 0 Kill the Timbernator 15
Iron Golem Iron Golem 0 Kill the Iron Golem 15
Fedor The Kruker Fedor The Kruker 0 Kill the Fedor TK 15
Cook Cook 0 Kill the Cook 15
Rat Rat 0 Kill the rat 15
Shark Shark 0 Kill the Shark 15
Wild Flower Wild Flower 0 Kill the wild flower 15
Alien Zet Alien Zet 0 Kill the Zet 15
Old Necromancer Old Necromancer 0 Kill the Old Necromancer 15
Succubus Succubus 0 Kill the Succubus 15
Astral Demon Astral Demon 0 Kill the Astral Demon 15
The Witch The Witch 0 Kill the Witch 15
Minotaurus Minotaurus 0 Kill the Minotaurus 15
Lord Neo-I Lord Neo-I 0 Kill Lord Neo-I 15
Calmar Calmar 0 Kill the Calmar 15
Spider Spider 0 Kill the Spider 15
Stinky Stinky 0 Kill the Stinky 15
Butcher Butcher 0 Kill the Butcher 15
Slug Slug 0 Kill the Slug 15
Cerberus Cerberus 0 Kill the Cerberus 15
Overseer Overseer 0 Kill the Overseer 15
Lord Neo-IV Lord Neo-IV 0 Kill the Lord Neo-IV 15
Lord of Necromancers Lord of Necromancers 0 Kill the Lord 15
Friend of Ghost Friend of Ghost 0 Give a hand to ghost in the shell 15
Don't touch Gans! Don't touch Gans! 0 Spare the blacksmith Gans 15
Savior of the Galaxy Savior of the Galaxy 0 Save the world 15
Old bones Old bones 0 Spare the guard captain 15
Respectable Reader Respectable Reader 0 Spare the Librarian 15
Zet friend Zet friend 0 Help Zet 15
Nice dog Nice dog 0 Spare the Cerberus 15
Warehouse discovery Warehouse discovery 0 Save the man from den of slug 15
Stinky Friend Stinky Friend 0 Help Stinky 15
Strange Cocoon Strange Cocoon 0 Save blacksmith apprentice 15
Eagle Eagle 0 Help Ghost of Archer 15
Avenger Avenger 0 Make a revenge for Lord Neo-I 15
Book Friend Book Friend 0 Help the Librarian 15
Curious Curious 0 You listened castle history 15
I love Amsterdam I love Amsterdam 0 You tried to eat strange mushrooms 15
I need to therapist I need to therapist 0 You read therapist reports 15
Launch on time Launch on time 0 You ate lunch of necromancers 15
Just like in school Just like in school 0 You visited study class 15
At depth At depth 0 You visited aquarium 15
Maestro Maestro 0 You played on piano 15
Dear captain Dear captain 0 You have used the help of guards captain 15
Dog guardian Dog guardian 0 You have used the help of Cerberus 15
Ghost guardian Ghost guardian 0 You have used the help of ghost in the shell 15
Mystery friend Mystery friend 0 You have used the help of man from den of slug 15
Alien Shield Alien Shield 0 You have used the help of Alien Zet 15
Sniper Shoot Sniper Shoot 0 You have used the help of The Eagle 15
Underground Worm Underground Worm 0 Kill the underground worm 15