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My Universe: School Teacher Achievements

Full list of My Universe: School Teacher achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

My Universe: School Teacher has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

My first class! My first class! 0 Complete your first class 15
My first week! My first week! 0 Complete your first week of class 15
My first year! My first year! 0 Complete your first year of class 15
Piece of History Piece of History 0 Pick and hold a dinosaur 30
Sense of fashion Sense of fashion 0 Unlock your first item 15
Super Teacher! Super Teacher! 0 Reach at least 25 stars in one class 30
Mark of appreciation Mark of appreciation 0 Get your first star 15
Fashionable Fashionable 0 Unlock 10 items 30
A new beginning A new beginning 0 Create your first teacher 15
Teacher squad ready! Teacher squad ready! 0 Fill the three teacher slots 30
Plentiful of stars Plentiful of stars 0 Gather a total of 100 stars 45
A valley of stars A valley of stars 0 Gather a total of 250 stars 75
A sky filled with stars A sky filled with stars 0 Gather a total of 1000 stars 150
Challenger Challenger 0 Win a contest 30
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter 0 Win all Gold contests 200
Dream classroom Dream classroom 0 Reach the maximum number of students 30
Exploration break Exploration break 0 Explore the school 15
One of many events to come! One of many events to come! 0 Complete your first quest 15
My dream school My dream school 0 Choose your school name and logo 15
The kind and mysterious Willy The kind and mysterious Willy 0 Meet Willy the Janitor 200
This classroom is clean! This classroom is clean! 0 Clean the classroom for the first time 15