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A HERO AND A GARDEN Achievements

Full list of A HERO AND A GARDEN achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

A HERO AND A GARDEN has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A New Friend A New Friend 0 Complete the dropberry requests. 30
Fixing First Impressions Fixing First Impressions 0 Complete the buttonberry requests. 30
The Secret Ingredient The Secret Ingredient 0 Complete the cucumberry requests. 30
Sweet as Pie Sweet as Pie 0 Complete the scorchberry requests. 30
Time Heals Most Wounds Time Heals Most Wounds 0 Complete the napberry requests. 80
Mend the Roads Mend the Roads 0 Pay the 1st repair. 80
Fix the Fountain Fix the Fountain 0 Pay the 2nd repair. 80
Replant the Gardens Replant the Gardens 0 Pay the 3rd repair. 80
Set Up the Marketplace Set Up the Marketplace 0 Pay the 4th repair. 80
Renovate the Town Square Renovate the Town Square 0 Pay the 5th repair. 80

Secret Achievements

A Festival with Friends A Festival with Friends 0 Go to the festival with Era. 80
Hard at Work Hard at Work 0 Go to the festival with Yen. 80
Meeting the Whole Family Meeting the Whole Family 0 Go to the festival with Rutaboo. 80
Impromptu Duet Impromptu Duet 0 Go to the festival with Letta. 80
Food is Better Shared Food is Better Shared 0 Go to the festival with Nell. 80