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The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Kingdom Achievements

Full list of The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Kingdom achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Kingdom has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bright Mind Bright Mind 0 Finish a Minigame in 60 seconds without skipping. 30
Rapid Learner Rapid Learner 0 Finish four Minigames, each one in 60 seconds without skipping. 30
Wise Owl Wise Owl 0 Finish seven Minigames without skipping. 30
Champion of Stamina Champion of Stamina 0 Finish all Minigames without skipping. 100
Faster than Light Faster than Light 0 Finish a Hidden Object Puzzle in 90 seconds. 30
Master of Details Master of Details 0 Finish two Hidden Object Puzzles, each one with less than 10 mistakes. 30
Precise Observer Precise Observer 0 Finish three Hidden Object Puzzles without any Hints. 30
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye 0 Finish all Hidden Object Puzzles without any Hints. 100
Legend Hunter Legend Hunter 0 Find all Collectible items. 100
Morphing Master Morphing Master 0 Find all Morphing Objects. 100
Skilled Explorer Skilled Explorer 0 You entered the Buried Kingdom. 20
Smart Pathfinder Smart Pathfinder 0 You found the secret passage. 20
Animal Whisperer Animal Whisperer 0 You calmed Droi. 20
Clever Mind Clever Mind 0 You restored the Scorpion Staff. 20
Unstoppable Unstoppable 0 You successfully got out of the cave. 20
Loyal Helper Loyal Helper 0 You helped Dokka collect all the gems. 20
Patient Tamer Patient Tamer 0 You calmed the creature in Toadstool's hut. 20
Curse Breaker Curse Breaker 0 You removed the gem from Droi. 20
Cage Opener Cage Opener 0 You freed Skaard from his box. 20
Secret Revealer Secret Revealer 0 You revealed the dragon egg. 20
Voyager Voyager 0 You found the temple. 20
Expert Mechanic Expert Mechanic 0 You healed Skaard. 20
Tricky Climber Tricky Climber 0 You got inside the temple. 20
Efficient Mender Efficient Mender 0 You restored the sword. 20

Secret Achievements

Great Inspector Great Inspector 0 You've opened the tomb of Nezul. 20
Picker of Locks Picker of Locks 0 You entered Nezul's Tower. 20
Mighty Warrior Mighty Warrior 0 You defeated the Skeleton Dragon. 20
Restorer of Balance Restorer of Balance 0 You saved the Buried Kingdom. 30
Protector of the Realm Protector of the Realm 0 You defeated the Dragon Rider. 20
Devoted Caretaker Devoted Caretaker 0 You hatched the egg of the new Mother Dragon. 30