So Many Me Achievements

Extend Studio
Extend Studio

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Yes, I'm ME too! Yes, I'm ME too! 0 Acquire the first ME 10
Jellosaur Jellosaur 0 Use the Gene Splicer to create Jellosaur 10
My Green Knight My Green Knight 0 Rescue a girl 30
You Let Us Down You Let Us Down 0 Fail your friends 30
Vengeance Vengeance 0 Defeat the rival 50
Kill a Bird with So Many Stones Kill a Bird with So Many Stones 0 Defeat a Duffon 50
In the Fire In the Fire 0 Unlock both gates at Volcano's entrance 10
Unity Unity 0 Acquire every ME 80
One Giant Leap for MEkind One Giant Leap for MEkind 0 Walk around the moon 15
Spectrum Spectrum 0 Have 3 different Transmuter Fruits on 3 ME at the same time 15
Save the World Save the World 0 Finish the game 100
Cosplay Champion Cosplay Champion 0 Acquire 42 costumes 80
Power of the Ancients Power of the Ancients 0 Craft 10 artifacts 80
Platformer Veteran Platformer Veteran 0 Collect every coin in Chrono Castle 80
Impossible Impossible 0 Reach 100% completion 100
Lumos Lumos 0 Turn on every light in Chrono Castle 80
1UP 1UP 0 In the Chono Castle, Stomp on enemies' head 10 times, without falling or creating a stone block 20
Spider Sense Spider Sense 0 Finish Chrono Castle XI with both coin bubbles collected 80
The One The One 0 Finish Chrono Castle XII without turning on Etherizer 40
Dream.Build.Play Dream.Build.Play 0 Dream.Build.Play 30