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Mars Power Industries Deluxe Achievements

Full list of Mars Power Industries Deluxe achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mars Power Industries Deluxe has 11 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Complete a 5 tower level without pressing "Back" 50
Mars Builder Mars Builder 0 Build 100 towers 50
Half-way to the stars! Half-way to the stars! 0 Oops what's going on... 100
Freeganin Freeganin 0 Collect 10 strawberries 100
Oy, you there! Oy, you there! 0 "Strawberry" 100
What Now? What Now? 0 Almost there! 100
Space Baby! Space Baby! 0 Game completed. 100
Winter Survivor Winter Survivor 0 Survived the extreme cold on Mars! 100
New Colony Founded! New Colony Founded! 0 Finished the House Building Challenge 100
Challenge Levels Done! Challenge Levels Done! 0 Complete ultra-hard challenge levels! 100
Secret Ending Secret Ending 0 Who's behind it all? 100