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The Invincible Achievements

Full list of The Invincible achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Invincible has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

The Camp The Camp 0 Yasna reached the camp. 15
The Teleprobe The Teleprobe 0 Yasna reactivated the flying teleprobe. 15
The City The City 0 Yasna entered a strange, metal "city". 15
The Alliance The Alliance 0 Yasna discovered a presence of enemy units on the surface of the planet. 15
The field base The field base 0 Yasna reached the field base set by the Alliance. 15
Survivors Survivors 0 Yasna met survivors from the Alliance. 15
The Condor The Condor 0 Yasna entered one of the most powerful space units of the Alliance. 15
The End The End 0 Yasna finished her story on Regis III. 55
Volcanologist Volcanologist 0 Yasna came very close to extremely hot lava. 15
Krauta is alive Krauta is alive 0 Yasna rescued Krauta. 30
Ubiquitous holes Ubiquitous holes 0 Yasna risked falling, constantly collapsing into fragile structures. 15
No more mistakes No more mistakes 0 Yasna avoided further falling through fragile, metal structures. 15
I leave no man behind I leave no man behind 0 Yasna managed to evacuate all her crew-mates to their ship. 90
Got lost again Got lost again 0 Yasna stopped her journey to play the Ping game and achieve a high score. 15
The Necroevolution The Necroevolution 0 Yasna named all metal structures discoveries as a form of the Necroevolution. 30
I remember everything! I remember everything! 0 Yasna got all memories from the past events. 30
Convoy list Convoy list 0 Yasna located every single person and object from the convoy list. 90
Beyond divisions Beyond divisions 0 Yasna kept her open-minded attitude towards people from the opposite faction. 30
On her own On her own 0 Yasna chose not to cooperate with Rohytra. 30
Flying Objects Operator Flying Objects Operator 0 Yasna operated and landed at least two different probes. 15
Fierce fight Fierce fight 0 Yasna eliminated more than 50k microbots. 15
Peacemaker Peacemaker 0 Yasna convinced Rohytra to stop further attacks on the Cloud. 90
Strong objection Strong objection 0 Yasna forced Rohytra to stop further attacks on the Cloud. 30
Evacuation Evacuation 0 Yasna kept an operating lander and used it to evacuate from Regis III. 90
Innate curiosity Innate curiosity 0 Yasna decided to continue deepening the knowledge on the Necroevolution. 90
Another giant Another giant 0 Yasna lived to see the arrival of the Invincible. 30
Violent solution Violent solution 0 Yasna supported military actions towards the Cloud. 30
The Invincible The Invincible 0 Yasna witnessed devastating power of the Cloud. 30
I leave no man behind (no exceptions) I leave no man behind (no exceptions) 0 Yasna compromised her safety to save the Alliance people. 30