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Reflection of Mine Achievements

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There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Ready to suffer Ready to suffer 0 End tutorial. 90
Smart one Smart one 0 Beat first difficult stage. 90
Brave one Brave one 0 Defeat first boss. 90
Forest researcher Forest researcher 0 Find all the keys in the forest. 90
Forest one Forest one 0 Destroy the Forest one. 90
Burned one Burned one 0 Defeat second boss. 90
Cleaner Cleaner 0 Find all the keys in the hotel. 90
Ugly one Ugly one 0 Destroy the Ugly one. 90
Saint One Saint One 0 Defeat third boss. 90
The Priest The Priest 0 Find all the keys in the church. 90
Atheist Atheist 0 Destroy the saint one. 100