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Double Pug Switch Achievements

Find all the Double Pug Switch achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 15 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Pointdexter Pointdexter 0 Beat Professor’s Laboratory 100
Well, there it is Well, there it is 0 Beat Prehistoric Dogs 100
Who’s a Steampug now Who’s a Steampug now 0 Beat Steam Powered Pups 100
In Space no one can hear you meow In Space no one can hear you meow 0 Beat the MeowTopia 100
Pampered Pug Pampered Pug 0 Collect 500 gold coins 50
Does that sting? Does that sting? 0 Dimension switch 200 times 50
I think he wants to communicate! I think he wants to communicate! 0 Bark at Lord Sker 25
Just a hobby Just a hobby 0 Purchase 5 hats 50
Dog economics Dog economics 0 Collect 1000 gold coins 100
Going for gold Going for gold 0 Get a Purrfect run in a standard level 50
The purple prince The purple prince 0 Collect all purple coins in one level 50
Bad Kitty Bad Kitty 0 Beat first encounter with Sker 50
Good Kitty Good Kitty 0 Turn Sker back to good 100
Fashion Week pooch Fashion Week pooch 0 Complete a level wearing a hat 50
The first of many The first of many 0 Fail on tutorial screen 25